What Is An Experience That Made You Believe In Karma?…

What Is An Experience That Made You Believe In Karma?

I have been born in a family where I was brought up with the teachings given by the Tirthankaras. Hence, my belief in karma was always there, right from childhood. And based on daily life experiences, when questions would arise in mind, that why a certain thing that never happened before happened today; or why some situation that came up in my life was not the case with others and vice-versa; or when I was given to become a mute spectator of unimaginable or unexpected events that occurred all around in the world, I wouldn’t have all the right answers with me, but yes, these experiences would further strengthen my belief in karma!

Then one day, I happened to attend Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s satsang. Here, I gained the right spiritual knowledge on various topics, including that of karma. I got to know regarding, ‘What is karma? How does one bind or accumulate karmas? Where does it all begin from? How can one be liberated from karma? Can one avoid experiencing karma? Is God the doer of karma or is he the instigator behind them? What comes after death? Who binds all these karmas? Who experiences these karmas, the Atma (Soul) or the physical body? etc.’

In a series of satsangs that I attended, I learnt that the seeds of karma are sown in the past life, and they bear fruits in this life. So, whatever we are experiencing in our life today is nothing but the result of our past life karma. Suppose there is a big crowd assembled in a ground. And suddenly, a snake comes and bites a person; he yells and falls down unconscious. The question that arises at this point is that of so many people, why did the snake come and bite this particular person only?

It is because of the particular person’s past life karma. This karma got ready to give its fruit at this moment, which was not the case with the others who were present on the ground. Therefore, although the snake passed by so many people, so very closely; yet it did not do them any harm. It came and bit this person only, because this person alone had the present karmic account, that he paid off by suffering the bite right now.

Just as the accounts in book-keeping are settled year after year, the accounts of our karma are settled life after life. We experience the results of the good and bad karma bound in past life, in this life. When past life’s good karmas come into effect, we feel good and the atmosphere is peaceful. And when the past life’s bad karmas come into effect, we feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

One Binds Karma Only When in Human Form

Furthermore, I got to learn that both, the good and the bad karmas, are bound in the human form alone. In other life forms, one only experiences the effects of their accumulated karma, but does not bind any new karma. However, in the human form, one experiences the effects of past karmas and also creates new karmas simultaneously. That is why it is possible for a person to go to any of the four major life forms. From the human form, one can go into the animal form, or to a celestial form or even to hell, and can even come back into the human form.

One Becomes According to Whatever Karma He Binds

People who cheat, lie and exploit others bind karmas worthy of the animal life. If they cause harm or misery to people, they go to the animal form, or in an extreme case, it could even lead to a life in hell. But if one’s karmas give happiness to others, one returns to human life or goes to the celestial level and settles the karma there. Thus, we can say that once the level is decided, one has to go through (get born, live and die) that level, experience the effects of karma, and then return to the human form, where one again binds new karma.

If Human Being Does Not Bind Any Karma At All, Then He Is Liberated From This Cycle

One can attain liberation only when in the human form. But how???

Lord has said that ‘It is extremely difficult to find the path of liberation from this cycle of birth and death; however, if one were to meet a Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One, it becomes the easiest task of all.’

It is because Gnani Purush has the spiritual power to enlighten our Soul with the knowledge of the Self that, “I am a Pure Soul. Human form, animal form, celestial form and life-form in hell are temporary phases. But permanently, I am a Pure Soul only. This is my real identity.’

This right knowledge received from Gnani further liberates us from the wrong belief of ‘doership’ (‘I am the doer of the various tasks that get done by the body’), based on which karma was getting bound. Thereafter, only the experiencing of past life’s karma remains, after which one liberates!

Birth and Rebirth are Because of Ignorance of the Self

The birth in all the four life forms stems from the human form and it is also only from the human form that liberation is possible. For this reason, celestial beings too wish for a birth as a human being so that they can meet Gnani Purush and secure their liberation.

When one meets a Gnani Purush and humbly requests him to grace him with the knowledge of the Self, one breaks free from the vicious cycle of birth and death; otherwise one is doomed to wander between the four different life forms to exhaust the bound karma; and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth continues indefinitely.

Hence, to get liberated from the bondage of karma, let’s go to Gnani and receive the real knowledge of ‘who am I and who is the doer in this world’ from Him!!!


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