What Is Adhyatma?

Adhyatma means spirituality!

Does Adhyatma mean Religion?

Many of us mistakenly believe religion to be adhyatma.

No, Adhyatma is very different from religion.

Religion teaches us to leave the path of wrong-doings and do good deeds, instead. Religion teaches us to refrain from activities such as lying, stealing, hurting others, cheating people, harassing or killing living beings, etc. and encourages us to be kind, humble, noble, benevolent, and righteous and thereby help others, serve people, donate money, etc.

Kindness is the foundation of religion. Religion attempts at destroying the cruelty within the person and kindles kindness in him. Whereas, adhyatma is beyond the duality of cruelty and kindness. In adhyatma there is only compassion.

Until there is intellect, there exists duality of good and bad, right and wrong, profit and loss, cruel and kind, etc. In Adhyatma, the intellect takes a back seat and the Soul occupies the prime seat!

The journey of Adhyatma

A person is said to have come into spiritual development when he starts believing in rebirth. When he understands that I am suffering as a result of my own karmas of past life, it proves that he was there in his previous birth when he bound the karma and he is there today too when experiencing the result of the karma.

His previous birth’s body, name, etc. have all perished. But he himself existed then and he exists today also. So who is this ‘himself’? This Self is the Soul, which is eternal.

‘What is Soul, how is Soul, what is it made of, where did it come from…?’ – When there arises within us the desire to know about the eternal element – ‘Soul’, Adhyatma begins from there. The journey of Adhyatma commences when we get to hear from someone that our real identity is not the name that we are identified with, really ‘I am the Soul’.

Adhyatma is when one remains constantly devoted to the eternal Soul. And the journey of Adhyatma ends when we get to know from our own experience, that ‘I am the Soul indeed’. Once this happens, the ultimate stage of Vignan begins.

The stages of spiritual development

1. Religion: ‘Adopting the good and leaving the bad’.

2. Adhyatma: ‘knowing the Soul’. A Self-realized person is the knower of the eternal element – Soul.

3. Vignan: ‘Becomes Absolute Supreme Soul’. One who attains this stage has complete Knowledge of all the six eternal elements, their properties and their innumerable phases too. An Omniscient is the knower of all elements.

Depending on the stage of its development, the Soul is called Jeevatma, Antaratma or Parmatma.

The person following religion is of the belief that ‘I am the body’.

‘I am the body’ is called egoism. One who lives with the support of the mortal self i.e. body, intellect, mind, ego, is called ‘Jeevatma’.

If a Jeevatma practices religion, the mortal self is rewarded with happiness for his good deeds, and if he does bad deeds, the mortal self is punished with suffering and unhappiness. One remains a Jeevatma as long as his egoism is live.

The person who follows Adhyatma believes ‘I am the Soul.’

When the person arrives in Adhyatma, the belief that ‘I am Pure Soul’ dawns upon him. The Soul is immortal and this is the real Self. When one attains Self-Realization, he begins to live in the awareness of the Soul. Such a stage is that of the ‘Antaratma’.

The person who comes in Vignan becomes ‘the Absolute Soul’.

In the Vignan stage, the egoism leaves completely. When this happens, he becomes a ‘Parmatma’ (Absolute Supreme Soul). The one who lives with Soul’s support alone is called Parmatma.

Akram Vignan

• Generally only after religious development, does one get onto the path of spiritual development. However, through Akram Vignan one can straightaway approach Adhyatma, irrespective of whether he presently follows religion or not.

• Akram Vignan is ‘the spiritual science of the current age’. It is the step less path to liberation.

• One does not need to have read scriptures, learnt shlokas, practiced meditation, done fasting or counted mantras to get devoted to his Soul because religion is based on ‘action’ but the Adhyatma is based on ‘knowing’.

• Adhyatma is a vision. Just like Lord Krishna changed the vision of Arjuna and made him attain Self-Realization, we too need only a living Gnani, the Enlightened One, to change our vision and make us know ‘Who am I?’

• In Akram Vignan, the Living Gnani directly graces us with the knowledge of the Self. A lit candle lits another candle, so does the Enlightened One.

• After Gnani enlightens us that we are really a Pure Soul; we live our life following Gnani’s directives such that no more new karmas are ever bound and our mistakes get broken. Akram Vignan is where the worldly life goes on normally, but there is no karma bondage in it. And in course of time we begin to experience our Soul in clear terms.

• At the end of the Adhyatma stage, one attains the principle. Thereafter, be it any insult, loss, accident, disease or death – no situation can ever depress him, no confusion ever arises in his mind. He is never upset that ‘why did this happen? Who did that?’ he is always at peace. Vignan begins from here….

Adhyatma is a path to bring one closer to Vignan. Akram Vignan, the spiritual science of the present age, opens up this path to one and all.

When Vignan arrives, one becomes God!! Thus, our goal should be to meet the Living Gnani as soon as possible so that Adhyatma ushers into our life.


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