What Is A Life Coach Anyway?…

What Is A Life Coach Anyway?

The most common reaction I get when I say I am a life coach is “oh”. Some people are confused, because they probably don’t know what it is, while others are a little taken aback. I think they expect me to start hammering life quotes at them, or to tell them to pack their bags and live in Bali for a while. I know some of my friends think its “mambo jambo” since everyone lives life, what’s the point of being coached for it? No one can teach you how to live, you just do.

That’s where they are wrong. But I don’t blame anyone for not knowing what a coach is. We mostly know the term coach in sports – and that’s exactly what a life coach is too. Someone that trains with you on a certain topic, guides you on your journey, teaches you techniques and is a motivator. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have that in your every day life too? Say your goal is to lose weight, run a marathon or stop smoking. Life overwhelms us enough and brings it’s own challenges, finding the energy to do all those things on our own can be hard. A life coach is here to support you through it. I usually say: Life Coach is some one that helps you with a goal within a limited time frame. Rather than looking to the past like therapists do, coaches focus on implementing something in the future. Similar to therapists, it’s done with listening, trying out techniques and strategies that life coaches get you to where you want to be.

There are so many types of coaches – you will find one for any of your needs. If you want to work on your health – a health or wellness coach can guide you through topics such as dealing with an illness, managing your diet or mental health topics such as stress management. A business coach will guide you on how to set up your business, a career coach your career path or a executive coach will coach senior managers in their demanding roles. A life coach covers the rest.

Now do you necessarily need a coach to get through life? No. No one needs a coach. But for many people it’s what helps them get over the finish line or take that first scary step in the right direction. We all do better when we are supported and understood. Sometimes the people around us just don’t know how to do that or simply just can’t. Life is hard enough as it is, you don’t have to do it on your own. Just make sure it’s with the right people around you – people who will cheer you on no matter what and help you be the best version of you.


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