What If Humans Become Egoless And Humble? Can Humans Be Free From Suffering?…

What If Humans Become Egoless And Humble? Can Humans Be Free From Suffering?

Presently, our consciousness is impure

The impurity is in the form of ego, pride, anger, greed, deceit, etc. It is because of these impurities that we are getting suffering, unhappiness, attachment, hatred, abhorrence, etc. Due to impure consciousness, all worldly problems are created.

After Self-Realization, our consciousness becomes pure. And when our consciousness is pure, there will not be any new creation of suffering as there will be no charging of any new karma; and it will only lead us to liberation.

Because of impurities, we tend to see faults of others

If human beings become egoless and humble, life of one’s own, as well as of those around, becomes fairly simple. But when ego and pride deludes our vision, we consider others to be inferior and assume ourselves to be better and superior than all. Such deluded vision becomes a cause of enormous suffering in our life, in present as well as in future.

Once we experience our real Self i.e.Attain Self-Realization, automatically our vision becomes pure

Attain Self-Realization, we can see Pure Self in others too; hence we start seeing them as pure beings, and not inferior or at fault anymore.

We also begin to see more and more clearly, our own impurities of ego, pride, anger, etc. that have been lying within unseen, since a long, long time. When we see our faults with the pure vision, they immediately and automatically go away; and consequently, our consciousness becomes more and more pure.

Ego arises because of illusion

Suppose there is Sun in the sky and it is totally covered by clouds. Soon, some cloud moves, rays of sunlight come out and this creates a rainbow. Seeing this, the Sun says, ‘Oh I made the rainbow!’

This is the way illusion starts. Sun has not created the rainbow. It is a creation of scientific circumstantial evidences i.e. the cloud, some angle through which sunlight comes out. Earlier there was no rainbow; after some time also the rainbow shall no longer be there; it will have vanished.

Why is this happening? Who created the rainbow?

No one has created it. It happens naturally on coming together of scientific circumstantial evidences.

Yet, if Sun says, “I have created the rainbow”, wouldn’t we say, “Why is Sun doing so much of ego?” If it would be egoless and humble (as it really is), it would not boast of something that it has not done and take undue credit for it.”

Similar is the case with we human beings too. Here also, thoughts, speech, etc, everything is getting discharged naturally. And we, out of ignorance, believe, ‘I am thinking, I am speaking, I am doing, etc.’ Whatever phases occur besides us, we are wrongly believing that, ‘I am the doer of these phases’, and that’s how we are going on charging further and further new karma.

The creation of karma means creation of suffering

The creation of karma is due to our ignorance only. Since we don’t know, ‘who is the doer and who am I?’, we are creating new karma. Once we know how this happening, we would stop binding new karma. That is why Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has said, “The phases of our mind, speech and body are dependent upon scientific circumstantial evidence. Soul (our real Self) is not a doer of that. It is only a knower and seer.

Once we get this knowledge here, from the Living Gnani, the Enlightened One, and later, we persevere to see each and every impurity lying within, maintaining the awareness of the real Self (the Pure Soul), then there will not be any creation of new karma for next life. Thus, we become free from new suffering.

Änd when the time is right, the old karmas shall continue to surface for getting discharged. However, following Gnani’s words, we are able to let them shed off without undergoing any suffering, or binding any reasons of new suffering (new karma).

So come, let’s attain Self-Realization from the Living Gnani and be free from all sufferings forever!


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