What Happens At The Moment You Stop Identifying Yourself With Your Mind And Body?…

What Happens At The Moment You Stop Identifying Yourself With Your Mind And Body?

Why do you identify yourself with the mind and body?

“Due to wrong belief”, says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being!

While explaining this aspect in a very simple and beautiful way, he further elaborates,

“It is by wrong belief that you feel oneness with Claudet (you may insert your own name here) i.e. oneness with the mind, body, thoughts, intellect, speech, behavior, etc. of Claudet. Whenever Claudet takes a decision, you feel ‘I am taking decision.’ If someone insults Claudet, you feel ‘I have been insulted.’

Your belief is wrong! Due to that wrong belief, you are totally involved in Claudet.”

So what’s the reality?

The reality is that you are a Pure Soul and you are totally separate from the mind, speech, body, ego, intellect, etc.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains, “Really speaking, by the true vision of Gnani, the Pure Soul has always been separate from the mind, speech and body, intellect, ego, everything. Really the two elements are always separate. Just like oil and water never mix with each other; the properties of both are such that they cannot mix; similarly here, the ‘Pure Soul’ and the ‘matter’ – both the elements are total separate and they are really not mixed with each other. But by wrong belief, you feel that, ‘I am suffering, I am doing, I am involved. You remain in oneness with Claudet, but by the wrong belief only.’

There are 4 types of wrong beliefs:

1. ‘I am Claudet.’

2. ‘This is my mind and body.’ It means with this ‘my’ (the possessiveness), you are attaching with Claudet.

3. ‘I am making food, doing the job. I am a doer.’ So again, you are joining with Claudet.

4. ‘I am the sufferer’, when you believe so, even then you establish oneness with Claudet.”

How do you stop identifying with the mind and the body?

“By Gnan-Vidhi, with the grace of Dada Bhagwan, we are changing the wrong belief to right belief regarding ‘who am I, who is the doer, what is relative and what is real, how to keep separation, etc.’ By right belief, you are separated from Claudet.”

In Gnanvidhi, you get this knowledge of ‘Who am I really?’ And thereafter, as you practice the principles given by Gnani, you can have more and more separation with Claudet. For instance, whenever suffering comes, you understand, ‘It is with Claudet, not with me!’ because you are really separate from Claudet. And thus, you stop identifying with Claudet.

Is it expansive? Is it like lifting the curtain to fill the room with sunlight?

The light of the bulb illuminates your entire room. But what if you covered it up with paper or something? Then you would not see any light, would you?

Similarly, each Soul has the light to illuminate the entire Universe! Our Soul is full of light of infinite knowledge and infinite vision, but it is currently covered with the veils of knowledge-obscuring and vision-obscuring karma. And therefore the darkness of ignorance is what prevails within. Ignorance means unawareness of our true identity i.e. really ‘who am I?’ Owing to ignorance, we mistakenly believe the body or the name given to the body, as our Self.

When you attain Gnan (Self-Realization) from the Gnani Purush, the veils of ignorance are lifted. In Akram Vignan, as stated by Pujya Deepakbhai, through the scientific experiment of separation known as Gnanvidhi, Gnani Purush, with his divine spiritual powers, lifts this curtain of ignorance; and the direct light of the Soul emerges. This light is the light of knowledge. Through that direct light, you can experience your Soul.

However, Pujya Deepakbhai clarifies, “This is the beginning of the experience of the Pure Soul – say, 1 degree of experience; and you have to reach upto 100 degrees! But slowly as you practice the 5 principles given by Gnani, your awareness will go on increasing you will get more experience of Pure Soul.”

“One thing we must understand that the experience of the Pure Soul is not like ‘we will see some light, there will be some vibrations and experience of happiness, etc.’ That is not the real experience”, says Pujya Deepakbhai, “Experience of the Pure Soul means you can feel separation with Claudet, and moreso you can see the faults of Claudet. Eg. Sometimes Claudet may get angry on somebody. You can watch, “Oh this is with Claudet. She has become angry on somebody. This is wrong.”

What happens the moment you stop identifying with the mind and the body?

The moment you stop identifying with the mind and the body, you become impartial and hence you begin to see the faults of Claudet more and more clearly.

When you find out mistakes of Claudet, at that time you are in the Pure Soul. And with its flawless vision, you can see everybody as innocent; that nobody has done any mistake. You realize that the root cause of suffering is with Claudet only. Since Claudet had made some mistake in the past, that’s why she is presently suffering for that mistake. The others are just one of the evidence for giving the result of that mistake. When you see Claudet’s mistake, you will be in the Pure Soul. So, to remain in the Pure Soul, you just have to observe the mistakes of Claudet in the light of the Pure Soul. This is the real essence of the phrase, ‘It is like lifting the curtain to fill the room with sunlight!’


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