What Does The Un-Awakened Masculine Energy Look Like?…

What Does The Un-Awakened Masculine Energy Look Like?

Masculine energy is powerful, but needs to be cultivated.

The un-awakened masculine aspect has a vague idea of his purpose, but cannot really speak it. He lives in fear but cannot identify the source. He is subject to the influences of the mainstream media and others around him where his ideas of reality are reinforced. He is one who is caught up in what he’s been told to believe all his life and has never re-evaluated his belief systems.

He is in a survival or autopilot mode much of the time. Happiness comes in bursts, but he may have difficulty expressing it. When he is unhappy, he looks outside himself for the cause. He is afraid to look within and runs from the pain. He chooses to blame, shame and judge others because that’s much easier and temporarily frees himself from having to transform anything on the inside. He is intimidated by what he doesn’t understand and may criticize it freely. His belief systems are mostly fixed from what he learned in childhood, from media, culture, society, and religion. His sexual appetites drive him, but they never really nourish him nor fulfill him deep within. He relies on sources outside himself to define his reality.

The un-awakened masculine aspect is always trying to control everyone and passes judgment on all those who think differently. They shun the ones who have different beliefs.

His heart may nudge him to connect with his truth but he continues to ignore it and mistrust it. He is unwilling to take an aligned action with his heart because that represents vulnerability and honesty, all of which he avoids like a plague. He lies to himself about his desires, needs, and wishes for the future because it keeps him in his own bubble of comfort zone where he doesn’t need to change anything. Any change represents the unknown and that is scary, so he takes no action and remains ‘asleep’.

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A false sense of safety

This false sense of safety is however deeply flawed and unfulfilling. And he feels it!

  • He chases after shiny new things for the temporary thrill of it, only to be left deeply dissatisfied.
  • He chases after approval from those who he believes are worthy of his attention, not because he feels it but because he was told or observed to do that.
  • If society says those with money are worth it, he wants to have those as friends and discards others.
  • If the society says those with physical beauty are worth the chase, he wants a woman like that on his arm to feel ‘enough and worthy’. He believes that physical beauty will bring him the pleasure he seeks. As he never experienced the sacred ecstasy of being inside of an awakened woman who loves him with her soul, he settles for the average and pushes away the extraordinary out of fear.
  • If the society says emotions make you look weak, he hides them and mistrusts his own heart.
  • He believes that those who show no emotions and lack in empathy are strong and powerful, yet he is repeatedly shown that this is a fake strength that stems from insecurities and fear. He is unwilling to see the truth.
  • He chases status, approval, fake strength and comfort zones but this false sense of ‘safety and power’ leaves him drained and disconnected forevermore.
  • He gives to the people he considers ‘safe’ who don’t challenge his beliefs, don’t make him ‘feel’ much and don’t encourage his growth.
  • As true authentic self-reflection brings up his past pains and rejections, he simply avoids it and dismisses it. He may take on various addictions from alcohol to video games, porn, food and even work that disconnects him from his emotions and keeps him in the vacuum where he doesn’t have to feel anything.
  • Because he never had a role model of a true healed Divine Masculine, he continues to model those deeply toxic masculine figures from personal life or society that operate from a place of greed, fear, selfishness, and lack of intimacy.

Only to be left repeatedly dissatisfied, disconnected, empty and pathologically lonely.

We all have masculine and feminine energies within us

Remember, each gender has both aspects of the Masculine and Feminine energy within us but one will be more dominant than the other.

❤️ Trigger questions to stimulate self-reflection and healing:

  • Can you recognize aspects of these energies within you, your own behaviors and actions you take in love and life?
  • Where do you have fixed limiting beliefs and are unwilling to learn, grow, surrender to love and let go of egoic illusions?
  • Where do you operate from a place of fear?
  • Where do you give your power away to external sources, people, media?
  • Where do you judge others and are unwilling to forgive?
  • Where do you run from true love and intimacy because you are afraid to be vulnerable, naked in your beauty and free from all judgment?
  • Where do you have beliefs (that are not even yours) on how you should be in this world, who you should love, how you should feel, what you should do to be considered beautiful, successful, respected, loved etc…?
  • Are you willing to drop the ‘SHOULDS’ and create new beliefs that represent only love, honesty, deep intimacy with your true self, deep respect for self and others and willingness to take actions in everything in your life from this place of raw authenticity?

Remember, true warriors, are those who are willing to go DEEP instead of shallow. They are hungry to learn and grow, they read books, they listen to mentors who empower them, they see every relationship as an opportunity to heal, grow and become a better version of themselves. But above all TRUE LEGENDS DON’T LIE, DON’T HIDE, DON’T RUN from fear, intimacy or vulnerability. They face it head-on and are excited about what they can learn from it. This is true liberation and PERSONAL FREEDOM.

This is my life’s mission and what I came here to create with my beautiful Twin Flame. I know it deep inside my heart and soul and feel that we are aligning towards this truth much more fully now. Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the intricacies behind balancing both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within us.

As we heal both energies within, we will no longer project limitations externally and therefore can create harmony with our beloved as well as others.

True mastery of self takes time, patience and practice.

much love and blessings,



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