What Does Self-Realization Mean?…

What Does Self-Realization Mean?

Everyone seeks happiness in life for no one likes misery or sorrow.

And to attain happiness, people watch movies, eat delicious food, go out touring, and run after money to be able to enjoy the worldly pleasures. But do we really get happiness thereafter?

For instance, we go out to watch a movie. We enjoy the movie and while we are returning happily, if some unpleasant incident occurs on our way back, will we still feel the same happiness that we felt after watching a movie? No, it will vanish in no time and instead there will be a feeling of agitation or anger. The worldly happiness is like this. It is never lasting because it is a happiness of delusion. So, should we not look beyond it, for some permanent happiness or eternal bliss?

Where lies permanent happiness?

In this world of social media, we read a lot about being positive, helping others, living in present, loving everyone in life etc. as methods to fetch lasting happiness. We try putting them in practice too, but with limited success. And when we fail, it makes us feel all the more miserable. What do we do now? We want permanent happiness; where do we find it?

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Eternal happiness, bliss, is within you. Your real Self is an abode of infinite bliss and yet you are looking for happiness in temporary things!”

What does Self-Realization mean?

The process of knowing our true self, who we really are, is Self-Realization.

Say, your name is ABC and you overhear someone saying bad about you. Listening to this would certainly upset you, isn’t it? But you soon realize that they were discussing about a different person with the same name as yours i.e. ABC. After this realization, would you feel bad anymore? No, for you now know that ‘I am not the one who was condemned, that was a different entity altogether. They were talking bad about him and not me.’

Same is the case with Self-Realization. After Self-Realization, we experientially realize that ‘I am not ABC. I am Pure Soul, a different element altogether. ABC is our worldly identity and Pure soul is indeed the real Self.’ Self-Realization therefore is a very important milestone in our journey as it makes us understand the difference between what we believe our self to be and what our Self really is.

How to attain Self-Realization?

Our general impression is that to attain Self-Realization, we need to leave our family, house, job and lead the life that of a recluse, which definitely isn’t feasible for all. But what if we can get it while staying with our family and without having to leave anybody or anything whatsoever?

Yes, it is possible in the presence of Gnani Purush, the Enlightened One.

With Akram Vignan, the stepless path to liberation, Self-Realization can be received from the Gnani Purush in matter of just 2 hours. Gnani Purush graces us with the knowledge of Self, by separating the Pure Soul that we really are and the worldly identity that people know us with.

Once we know who we are, worldly matters stop having impact on us anymore and we begin to experience an eternal bliss. Any pain or misery that we feel is ultimately the result of the wrong belief of ‘who am I’. And with right belief, there will be freedom from all sufferings in this world.

So, why wait? Let’s make Self-Realization our topmost priority in life and get onto the path that leads to permanent happiness and eternal bliss.


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