What Does It Mean To Be Fearless?

The idea of fearlessness invokes all sorts of thoughts from people. Mighty warriors, rebels, living a ruthless life, not allowing people to dictate how you live. Yes, these things may be aspects of being fearless but I think there’s more to it. Here are some ways in which I believe it means to be fearless:

Live your life despite your fears. Let’s face it. We’re all afraid at some point in time. No matter how old we are, what we’ve been through or who we are, we still feel fear at least once in a while. The difference between a fearful and “fearless” person is the ability to continue to live and do what you want despite feeling afraid. Being able to step out into the world and continue on regardless of fearful emotions (in my opinion) makes you fearless.

Realize there is a greater purpose and unity to everything. Quantum physics has proven that: everything we see is made of things we cannot see (atoms and molecules) and that a force (light) is holding them together. All forms of matter are made from solidified light! And pretty much everyone knows that God is light and the creator of life. Albert Einstein discovered that time and space were relative, not absolute. He was quoted as saying, ” “For us physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion.” (Beliefnet: How Quantum Physics Proves God’s Existence). So, it has been scientifically proven that there is a greater force holding everything together that creates the reality we are perceiving. Pretty awesome, huh?

To know you can always start over and make changes. Nothing is set in stone except our wrongful mindsets. We all have the ability to start over. Perfect case in point: me. At the age of two, I began to be molested by family members. It went on until the age of twelve. I clung to the belief that I was a “black sheep”. A “blight” on the planet of life. Until I realized that I had to change my thought processes or my life would never change. Once I began to be more positive, my life started getting a little better. It’s never too late to start over!

To know you are an eternal being. This life is not all there is. Though many would like to believe that as truth, it’s not true. Again, Quantum Physics steps up to explain. Dr. Robert Lanza developed the theory of biocentrism. Biocentrism states that life and biology are central to our consciousness (being, reality and the cosmos). He developed the double-slit test where he has proven that light and matter display characteristics of both waves and particles, depending on the observer’s perception and consciousness. Why is this important? Because he has found that “reality is a process that requires our consciousness.” (Beliefnet: How Quantum Physics Proves God’s Existence). Dr. Eben Alexander supports this theory, being a survivor of a near-death experience during which he was clinically brain dead from meningitis, making it scientifically impossible for the brain to generate any neurologic activity and brain function. ‘My journey deep into coma, outside this lowly physical realm and into the loftiest dwelling place of the almighty Creator, revealed the indescribably immense chasm between our human knowledge and the awe-inspiring realm of God.” He goes on to state, “The brain itself does not produce consciousness. That it is, instead, a kind of reducing valve or filter, shifting the larger, nonphysical consciousness that we possess in the nonphysical worlds down into a more limited capacity for the duration of our mortal lives.” (Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife, 2012).

To embrace love and beauty in life despite the darkness that comes with it. This world is a learning ground for us all. And learning involves pain. Tragedy and trauma are some of the best ways to instill new values and understanding in our mindsets, particularly if we happen to be stubborn people. Knowing that we are here to learn and grow, we must also accept the pain the learning and growing brings. Unfortunately, that’s just the way the proverbial cookie crumbles when it comes to life on planet earth.

To understand that everything has an opposite and to be willing to accept that fact. It takes guts to admit you’re going to die. It takes guts to admit that bad things happen. It takes even more guts and willpower to be willing to delve through it. What could be more fearless? Light always eventually becomes darkness. Love many times turns to hate or visa versa. Lies, truth; life, death. Polar opposites. But always elements in life no matter who you are or where you come from. It’s just a fact of being human.

To understand that love is the ultimate energy that heals. Researchers have shown that by shifting our emotions, we are changing the electromagnetic field radiated by our hearts. When we are feeling love, our heart beats out a very loving message. (Collective Evolution: Science Proves That Human Consciousness And Our Material World Are Intertwined). So…depending on how willing we are to give love and receive love, we will reap the benefits of that state of being not only within ourselves but also with those near and far from us. We also have the ability to affect the physical world with our love energy!

To know that there is balance in life. Good has a way of balancing out the bad in some way, shape or form. This also holds true of our consciousness. Even through the death of a close loved one, if we can gather the courage to see the tragedy from a viewpoint of love, we can find good in the bad. For example, I’ve buried two children now. And trust me, I didn’t want to see the good in it at all. But there was good in it. My first child taught me to believe in God and the spirit realm. She showed me its reality. My second child has taught me to live in love and to be grateful for this life and my experiences because they’re making me a better person. Plus, she’s shown me that even though we pass from this reality, we graduate to a new one. We never truly die. I realize there may be naysayers out there, but I believe completely in what I write about and the spirit realm (paranormal) is one of my biggest topics. That being said, I believe in balance. And I even believe in good outweighing the bad…if you allow it. (All comes full circle to your state of consciousness).

I hope this post has helped you to create some new hopes and reasons for enlightened future possibilities. May you be blessed and live in blessings!

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