What Does It mean To Awaken To Your Soul Pathway?…

What Does It mean To Awaken To Your Soul Pathway?

For those of you who have followed me for a while now, you may have noticed that I have formed what is known as The Soul Pathway. The Soul Pathway is a journey of Awakening your Soul from Within as you Shift from Self to Soul. It is a space of living your own truth and by what drives you at the unconscious level and by what sets your Soul on fire each and every day. Awakening is a process that many of us will experience during our lifetime and more people are awakening to who they are every day now. Your awakening is, in essence, becoming awakened to the world around you and the conditioning in your life and the process is one of shifting from your Old conditioned Self to your Higher Self and your Soul Pathway. The journey is also a raising of consciousness and awareness as you unearth aspects of yourself that you never realised existed before. Once you have stepped on your path of awakening, you will experience a sense of bliss and harmony like you have never felt or experienced before.

Within this article, we are going to explore your Soul Pathway as we discover how this relates to you and your life. I have outlined the process below as we delve into your spiritual journey. This is a 7 phase process that allows you to awaken your Soul from Within, let’s look at each stage below:

Stage 1: Old Self

Your Old Self is where you are living by the conditions of the environment at which you live and grew up in. In essence, this is where you are living by conditions of the Ego, and your Ego from a psychological perspective is the conditions that have been placed on you by Society, the Culture at which you live, the Educational system, values and belief passed onto you by you parents and social structures that determine the way you live your life. You could say you are living by conditioning and not your true Self or Soul essence. Awakening to Your Soul Pathway is your transition from Self to Soul as you shift from your Old Self to living by what serves you at the unconscious level as you awaken to who you are! It is a journey of connecting to your higher consciousness where you serve a collective mission and embrace universal consciousness.

Stage 2: Soul Awakening

Your Soul Awakening is literally when your Soul is Awakened to new experiences in your life. It can often come as a shake-up in your life or where something laying dormant within your unconscious has become conscious to you. This is where you begin awakening to who you are as your unconscious becomes conscious and you begin shifting from Self to Soul. It can come at a time when you reach a crisis point in your life where your soul is yearning for deeper meaning and connection with the world.

Stage 3: Self Inquiry

The phase of Self-Inquiry is where you come to terms with your Awakening experiences as you question the situations around you and also question life itself. It is natural for you to go through a period of denial as you have never been faced with these experiences before and you may not know of others who have been through events like you have been through. Self Inquiry is where you begin to doubt yourself, which can lead to repressing your emotions and forming your Shadow Self. Your journey is to embrace what is being revealed to you, rather than suppressing it as this will allow you to become enlightened on your journey and progress with greater ease.

Stage 4: The Shift

The Shift is where you shift your consciousness and awareness, and you begin your transition from Self to Soul. It is at this phase where you make a conscious decision to embrace the path ahead and act on your intuition and guidance to light the way forward. At this stage, energy will shift from a place of fear and doubt into a space of courage. You will also notice that you are shifting from living by your conditioned Ego to now acting from your unconscious Self. Your unconscious Self holds your to underlying core values, beliefs, and motivations that will drive you every day.

Stage 5: Transcendence

Your place of Transcendence is where you walk your Soul Pathway and in essence begin your transcendence as you go beyond your ordinary limits and live by your Soul essence. You will encounter many experiences along the way that will allow you to spiritually evolve, as with the place of self-inquiry these will often have you question yourself. These can be both positive and what you may believe are negative experiences though these situations are set here to assist you with your Souls evolution.

Stage 6: Unification

The Stage of Unification is where you become an one with yourself, it is a place where you create wholeness within. When you reach this phase of your Soul Pathway, you have come into alignment with your Ego, your Self and your Shadow as connect with your Soul. By reaching this stage, you have integrated each and every aspect of who you are as you raise your consciousness and create balance and harmony within.

Stage 7: Higher Self/ Soul Pathway

The final stage of your journey is where you are connected with your Higher Self and your Soul Pathway. You are now Awakened to who you are, living your own Truth and embracing your true Soul essence. Your Soul Pathway is never ending, once you have reached this phase you will continue to evolve spiritually as you ascend to higher levels of consciousness. It is at this stage of your path, you are serving a greater mission in the world as you raise the collective consciousness of those that surround you as you awaken others to their own Soul Pathway and greater calling in the world.

I wish you all the best on your pathway to Awaken to Your True Self as you Shift from Self to Soul. If you have any questions, be sure to leave them below…


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