What Does It Feel Like To Die?…

What Does It Feel Like To Die?

Never in a million years did I ever see myself writing an article about what it feels like to die. I mean, how does that even make sense that I would know what it feels like to die except if I have actually died? Exactly, I did die and I know what it feels like. Here is my story.

Many people out here in this human world think or believe that death has to be of a certain nature. For example, an electrocution, gun shot wound, stabbing, heart attack, stroke or some other major trauma that gets you to the light. However, this is the furthest thing from the actual truth.

Back in 2011 when I was undergoing the biggest dark night of the soul journey I noticed my energy began to ascend higher out of my body. Now, did I know that is what was actually happening or did I just notice I felt ‘lighter?’ Yes, I only felt lighter and a little more loopy in my mind. I had yet to put together that my energy was raising itself into a higher dimension of frequency. Nor did I realize that this is what it ‘feels like’ when you die. Now let’s continue.

Are you ready for this? It took me 6 months to die. Yes, no joke, it literally took me that long to reach a space in my body, my mind and my spirit where every single piece of energy in my body just let go and I was free of my body. However, I quickly realized I was still in my body! I was shocked beyond conscious understanding and that is when I never was able to be ‘normal’ again.

Two months later my spiritual mentor showed up on my path and said to me, “Shelby you have two choices, you can live in a convent for the rest of your life and do God that way or I can teach you everything I know and you can live in a normal neighborhood with neighbors, be married and have a family.” You better believe I chose option 2 and that is when I entered a spiritual school that has continued to take me beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. This death that I had encountered was by far the best and most confusing thing that had happened to me.

So what does it feel like to die? It feels freeing, liberating, light, pain free, no thoughts, a total openness in the spine, space in the heart to breathe in deep breaths, pure joy & a hope for the future as you feel a holiness surrounding you at all times.

Now, how did I get to a space of this death and rebirth? Well, I went through a deep forgiveness process that catapulted me into a dark night of the soul journey and then I had the death in my mind, my body and ultimately my energy, that is when my life forever changed. Therefore, do we have to leave our body in order to say we have ‘died’ or is that a made up belief system? Well, after my encounter with my death and rebirth I have come to the conclusion that you can experience death and still maintain the body, the only thing that changes is a belief system and energy field. You learn that death is a transcendence of energy which then forever changes how you believe in the higher energies of light. It will truly set you on a spiritual path of God in ways that many spend a lifetime trying to understand in church.

My experience of death was so profound that even in my higher self I journaled my forgiveness journey that I then published into books in order for me to document that this experience happened and it was real. My Soul Freedom & Soul Freedom Companion books continuously remind me of my path to enlightenment. Furthermore, I wrote The Art of Process so I could share the simple assignment of forgiveness that catapulted my energetic letting go process which is exactly what happens to those who die and come out of their body.

Death is a permanent recycling of energy turned into the highest vibration of light.

We all should work diligently in our human body to recycle our energies in the here and now so when our physical body decides it is done then the energy that is left behind is of the greatest light we can experience. As a medium, this is the greatest gift we can leave for our loved ones once our human body let’s go because then our loved ones left behind are cleared of any lower energy that had yet to be transmuted. This is how our loved ones get free of the physical death and can move on in their life once we have left the planet.

It’s all about the energy.



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