What Do You Take For Granted?…

What Do You Take For Granted?

“Take this Quick and Simple Test”

We wonder why we feel the way we do when we take most of life for granted.

Here is a simple test to find out what you take for granted.

Most people live their life totally unconscious… but the aim of life is to awaken and become truly conscious.

1- Do you know why you work at the job you have?

2 – Do you know why you live in the house you live in?

3 – Do you know why you live in the community that you live in?

4 – Do you know why you have the spouse you have and appreciate him or her every day and show your love?

5 – Do you love and appreciate your family and extended family daily?

6 – Do you know why you feel the way you do every morning and appreciate every moment of your life?

7 – Do you understand the bigger picture of your life and the gifts you have to share?

8 – Do you see the good in everything around you?

9 – Do you enjoy the little things like a dove outside your window?

10 – Do you appreciate being able to get around and walk?

11- Do you appreciate the food you eat daily?

12 – Do you appreciate all the nature that you have around you even in your backyard?

13 – Do you appreciate times of quiet and solitude?

14 – Do you appreciate your friends and call or go see your friends weekly?

If you say yes to 7 or less of these questions then you need to work on becoming more conscious. And if you say yes to 12 to 14 of these questions then you are really awakening to your own being.

Is it time to awaken!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider


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