What Do You Know About The Soul?…

What Do You Know About The Soul?

What is a Soul? How does it look like? What does it do? How are we associated with the Soul? Is soul separate from body?…

Spiritual science clarifies these questions in great detail.

Do you know, the Soul is the Self?

The essence of any living being is the Soul. Be it one sense organisms like bacteria or five sense organisms such as human beings, in every living creature, there exists a Soul. The Soul is distinct from the body. The Soul is permanent, it is never born nor does it die. It has always remained the same, as is, throughout the millions and millions of lifetimes that we have lived so far.

How can we distinguish between the Self and the body?

● All along, out of ignorance we have considered our self to be the body. When someone calls out our name, we answer and respond to him, which is perfectly fine, because this name belongs to the body that is being called for. However doing so, we have firmly believed from within that ‘I am this name, I am this body.’ This is where we are wrong.

● eg. You say ‘my name is Sally’ and you also say ‘I am Sally’. Is there not a contradiction in the two statements? When you say ‘This is my watch.’, would it not be wrong to say, ‘I am the watch’? Principally, I and my are always separate. So, I is the Soul and my is the body. However, due to ignorance, we have mixed the two, and therefore believe ‘I am the body. I am the name.’ You really are the Soul and in this lifetime your body has been called Sally. The body and the soul are always separate.

● The one who ‘knows’ the sensations, emotions, pain, suffering, etc. – the one with the knowledge, the one who is aware of all happiness and sorrow, is the Soul. Whereas, the one who ‘suffers’ the pain and happiness and gets affected by it is the body.

● The Soul is the knowledge. Due to the Soul, we can comprehend and know the suffering and joy in the body. For instance, when our left leg is hurting, and the right leg is not – who knows this fact? The Self i.e. the Soul.

● In the air, there are many particulate matters of dirt which cannot be seen with our naked eye. However, if the sun ray was to shine in the room, then we are able to see the countless particulate matters of dirt in the air, isn’t it? In the same way, the Soul is the illuminating light of knowledge, without which we can not know anything that is happening to the body.

● The light of the Soul is sheer bliss. It is through this light that we come to know anything. When the body is thinking, eating, walking, etc., the knower of ‘this is occurring’ is the pure Soul. Thus, the Soul (Atma) never actually does anything, it is just the knower and seer of everything.

Without the Soul, we do not exist, for we ourselves are the Soul. To fully realise and experience how you really are a pure Soul, you need to find the Enlightened being, who can bestow the gift of Self-Realization upon you.

The one who has known, seen and experienced the Soul is called the Enlightened One. He is enlightened and He can enlighten others too. We can get to know about the Soul from various sources, however only from the Enlightened One can one experientially realize that ‘I am pure Soul and nothing but Pure Soul.’ Once you receive this gift from Him, you are onto the fast track to liberation i.e. freedom from the cycle of birth and rebirth!


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