What Deep Questions Can You Ask That Trigger Emotional Attraction…

What Deep Questions Can You Ask That Trigger Emotional Attraction

Physical attraction is something that happens naturally, and that most people generally don’t have much control over. The emotional attraction, on the other hand, is much more difficult to develop. That is why we have gathered a few questions you can ask your partner or potential partner to get to know them better and trigger an emotional attraction between the two of you.

Use these questions and we are sure you will have built a deeper emotional attraction between you and your partner in no time! To get more information like this, visit the GoMarry.com site, for additional pieces regarding relationships, and more advice.

“What Would You Do If Money Wasn’t An Issue?”

This is a hard-hitting question, and really shows a person’s material and personal values. In the philosophical situation, the person can choose to do whatever they want, regardless of physical worth. Will they make self-serving choices? Or will they show their considerate side towards those who need it? You won’t know unless you ask it, and you may learn more about the person than you expect, perhaps showing some values that may be very appealing to you.

“What Made You Feel Happiest When Growing Up?”

Being very personal, this question can reveal some very endearing qualities about a person. Reminiscing and sharing memories with a person show quite a bit of trust and make you feel like a part of their world, thus bringing you so much closer emotionally.

“If You Could Go Into The Past And Tell Yourself One Thing, What Would That Be?”

A question like this may feel very intimidating to a person but can say a lot about their character. It really challenges their ability to show their past weaknesses to you, or reveal what mistakes they felt they made in the past. Be sure to be open regarding their answer, and don’t be afraid to answer the question for yourself as well. This can act as a real bonding experience and show that you are both comfortable being vulnerable to one another.

“What Is Something You Are Truly Good At?”

This question gives the person the chance to stroke their ego a bit and makes them feel good about themselves. Sometimes the answer may even surprise you, as it may not be what you expect them to answer. Perhaps something everyone considers them to be good at it is not what they see as their standout quality, and in future, you can remember to compliment them on it. They will be very grateful to see that you had been paying attention to what they had said, and realize that their words truly do matter to you.

“How Do You Express Your Affection And Emotions Towards Someone?”

This is possibly the most important one. It can be really hard for someone to express themselves verbally when they feel romantic affection towards someone, so it’s good if you can know what actions they use to display their emotions. You may even realize they have been acting this way towards you! Being able to pick up on someone’s actions this way shows a deeper connection and can build a deeper emotional attraction between the two of you.


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