“What Chakra Are You Living Your Life From?”…

“What Chakra Are You Living Your Life From?”

“We Have Three Different Vibrational Bodies”

We have 3 bodies, one that is our mind-body, one that is our physical body itself, then there is the soul body. And all 3 of these bodies have different vibrational energy levels. Tell me – Which body are you living your life from?

Most people live their life purely from their body level. They seek pleasure for the body with food, sex, drink, and other attributes of the body. They have a lower vibrational existence, and most new souls begin at this level… and then move up the vibrational scale.

Then there is mind-body, where one is attached to their mind ego takes over and become all pervasive. The mind thinks it knows all and understands all, and thus all humility disappears and again one dives into worldly pleasures.

Lastly, there is the soul body, which is one of the higher vibrational frequencies. At this level, a person knows they are not their body… and they are not their mind. They know they are more than all of that, they are pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure understanding… of all that is… and will be.

These vibrational frequencies correspond to the chakras in the body. And how they move from lowest vibrational energy to the highest up the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head. Kundalini energy is found initially at the base chakra and eventually, that powerful energy is released (when a person is ready) to move up the spine to the crown chakra…and even to higher states of existence.

There is also the heart chakra which is also an important chakra for the movement of kundalini energy up the spine. If the heart chakra is not open (Lack of Unconditional Love) the kundalini vibrational energy is unable to move upwards towards the crown chakra.

All the logic in the world will not open the heart chakra. It’s experience, it’s opening ourselves up to being vulnerable, loving, caring, and compassionate that opens this powerful energy base.

Have you moved into your heart chakra and embraced unconditional love?

And thus are you living your life from your crown chakra of wisdom?

The good news is we all move up the vibrational scale sooner or later… in this life or another.

Many Blessings to Everyone!


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