What Causes Ringing In The Ears?…

What Causes Ringing In The Ears?

I’m sure you have experienced this sensation when out of nowhere, you hear this weird noise; but no one else seems to hear it. It is like a high pitch ringing sound that doesn’t come from your physical world. So, if it doesn’t come from the physical, does this mean, it’s from the spirit?

You are aware that our body has the physical tangible form, as well as the etheric body, called the light body. This light body is made of energy, and it is responsible for transcribing, receiving and sending out energy from and to our physical bodies. This light body is very closely connected to our soul and to the spirit realm, as it exists in different consciousness than us. This is the reason that we cannot see it, touch it. When we dream, we travel with our energy body as it is the means of divine connection, it holds our ethereal links and it is not bounded by physical limitations.

When someone is tuned in to it, however, they might see its colors, they might be able to perceive information about it and even use it to travel in other planes. (astral projection)

This light body, as mentioned earlier, is responsible for receiving light transmissions that can be used in a variety of ways. These light transmissions are received into our light body through our chakras, usually the upper chakras. When this occurs, you might experience a variety of different symptoms, such as a headache, a flash, a sudden burst of excitement, a feeling of drainage, or your usual ringing in the ears.

What are these light transmissions exactly?

They are very important in the functioning of your body complete as a whole essence of mind, body, and spirit. Many esoteric practices use light frequencies called “prana” to invite healing in the body, or to attract certain situations and outcomes. Everything in the universe is energy you see, and through this energy, we are able to perceive the world as it is, use it in our bodies to function or be able to communicate through the cosmos with our thoughts. (Law of attraction).

Many times, however, your close spiritual team, your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, divine teachers, and your own higher self, want to help you solve situations, help you understand certain paths, or share guidance and inspiration, and other times healing. When this occurs, they send you “downloads of light” that are energy transmissions that enter directly into your upper chakras, usually your crown chakra. As these downloads of light are entered within, they increase the energy of your body, raise the vibration of your energy field so that they can be better absorbed. They are nonetheless pure divine energy that requires you to be a higher frequency receiver. So your general energy is raised and in those moments, this pitching sound is created as your personal energy and the energy of the divine download has a sort of a “gap”. This occurs, when you are receiving increased divine light frequency into a body, that is somehow lower in energy. This ringing sound is the effect of this download, something like the sound of a liquid as it is poured down into an empty cup from a higher level. It does make a louder sound right? Similarly, this divine frequency is “poured down” into your ethereal body, and because your physical body is of lower energy at that time, either because you might be tired or frustrated; you perceive this as a sound that is outside of your physical world.

So what do we do when we receive it?

The great news is that if you tune into this sound and vibration if you pause and only listen to it, you are able to tune into its divine frequency and elevate your mood and vibration.

Whenever you are experiencing this sound, smile, be grateful and tune in. who knows you might even receive further input through your higher self. If you are highly advanced in meditating and channeling, you might even ask what sort of download you are receiving. You will always be surprised by the response.

We all receive this downloads of light, as we all have light bodies and spiritual teams who want what’s best for us at all times. So simply recognize that it is something beneficial and let it shift you from the inside out.


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