What Can 30 seconds A Day Do For You? A Lot……

What Can 30 seconds A Day Do For You? A Lot…

Meditation. That word conjures all kinds of mental pictures…many of them wholly unflattering.

When I’ve tried introducing Meditation to people, I’ve often been met with, “I tried Meditation once and the teacher was elitist/the students were snobby/I was made to feel uncomfortable because I just couldn’t get the hang of it”…all of which I’ve experienced too, so I can’t condemn another’s feelings.

Meditation wasn’t always easy for me, and thanks to much “elitist filler” (mostly online, with accompanying photos of people in difficult positions that many can’t get into), it took me many years and studying with a former lay Buddhist Minister before I realized that everything…yes…EVERYTHING…I’d learned about Meditation, was wrong.

I used to like to walk and think…I still do, because it helps me work out many of life’s little quandaries. I didn’t realize that in itself, was a form of Meditation; a form I practice, daily and have, without even realizing it…for many, many years.

I like to watch ocean waves, waterfalls, babbling brooks and gurgling streams. I didn’t realize that too, is meditation.

Staring at a beautiful photo and relaxing…Meditation.

If it relaxes you and soothes/renews your spirit, gives your outlook an uplift and helps keep you balanced, then it’s Meditation.

Yep…you read that right. No need for fancy studios, people in robes or trendy “Yoga/Meditation” clothes or any of the other pomp you so often (regrettably) see Meditation displayed as; whether in magazines, online or in person.

With time, I’ve crafted my own style of Meditation and it has nothing to do with chanting (which is fine…but in no way should that be forced on anyone..and misinformed as incorrect if one chooses not to do so) or sitting and bending fingers/placing hands in painful positions that wrench knees, hurt arthritic fingers and make you spend your time wishing the session to be over, rather than enjoying the act of relaxation.

My style of Meditation (developed as my body finally revolted against a lifetime of athletic abuse) can be done in 30 seconds. My studio, The White Lotus Lounge offers Meditation anywhere from 10 second pick-me-ups, to nearly half hour sessions for those with plenty of time to spend in serenity.

Why would I waste time with such short meditation that is of no benefit to real people?

Well, number 1, it’s not a waste of time and it DOES benefit many people. Any moment spent in peace isn’t a waste.

Number 2, what I hear now, from nearly everyone I meet is…”I don’t have time to meditate”; to which I respond, “You never have time for anything…you have to make time and there isn’t a person, alive, that can’t make time for 30 seconds.”

Thus…Daily 30 Second Meditation, was born.

It’s been so humbling to know how many people I’ve touched, just by doing something that I found beneficial to myself.

So, take time for yourself…ANY time, even if it’s just a 10 second pick-me-up. You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make in your life…I’d be willing to bet.



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Andrea Van Scoyoc

Taoist Yogini and Zen Meditation devotee. Buddhism scholar living the Tao and adhering to a disciplined life of compassion, giving…

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