What Beats Beneath

Is this what we’ve been waiting for?

Their promise of life getting better?

The day when all the pain would suddenly fade away?

As if that nagging ache could be ignored

Just another lie to hold ourselves together

Like how wounds heal with each passing day—

Yeah, right…

They merely become sores we learn to tolerate

Making us look beaten, broken and bruised

But only through their eyes

Oh, if they could only see what beats inside

Hearing bells chime, that time has arrived

To see how all the painful pieces fit;

When we see all the hurt in the world today

Through our personal hells we’ve each lived

We smile, knowing we can handle it

While others become lost or led astray

Today’s our turn to lift them from the fray

They’re the ones who need us here

To stand tall and walk without fear

The reason why we’ve carried so much grief;

Keep your head held high and draw from your sheath

It’s time to show the world the heart we’ve hid beneath.


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Joshua Allison

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Joshua Allison is an avid reader and writer; a bibliophile, contrarian, Jungian Philosopher, social/political inquisitor, self-actualized Anti-Authoritarian, and self-taught, multi-instrumental…

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