What Are The Ways To Connect With God Apart From Meditation And Prayers?…

What Are The Ways To Connect With God Apart From Meditation And Prayers?

The most popular and widely-known ways to connect with God are indeed meditation and prayers! And to know the other ways, the ultimate way, let’s first find out who really is God.


The general belief is that God is sitting up there in the heavens, running the whole world. But let’s analyze some myth-breaking facts on who actually is God, as described by the Great spiritual scholars of the past!

When one prays to God, one refers to someone who was a mortal being eg. Lord Mahavir, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram. The body of that God has perished today. But the God factor i.e. the Absolute Soul, that resided in that mortal being is really the God! God is immortal.

The same immortal component is present as the life force within each and every living being; it’s just that we are unaware of it! We need to realize that God, which is our very Self. Yes, the Enlightened Gods like Lord Mahavir, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, too treaded on the path of Self realization in order to connect with the real God!

The current Enlightened One, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, of the Akram path has explained scientifically, “God is the Pure Soul; the life force within each one of us that needs to be realized, and that is how one connects with God !” To attain one’s real Self is the real and the ultimate way to connect with God!

Let’s explore how we can experience the Self, the inner God:-


One has wandered around life after life, in constant hunt for happiness, believing that materialistic things will satisfy him. But what one has received is only pain and suffering in return.

By turning towards Spirituality, one indulges in meditation and prayers to gain some peace in life. But when one knows that what he is frantically searching for outside, is right there within him, he just needs to realize it; he finds the right way to connect to God.

Religious scriptures, holy books and the life-stories of The Enlightened Ones inspire us to take the right direction and it gives us some glimpse of how the divine Self is. However, these cannot give us the experience of God.

Just like how a “lit” candle is needed to light up the room, a Living Enlightened One is needed to enlighten our Soul! So, to find such Enlightened One and attain Self-Realization from Him is the first step to take to connect to God.


Self realization means to realize really ‘who am I?’ Attaining one’s true identity is possible in today’s times through Akram science which is a stepless path to liberation! Here, in a Self realization ceremony, the Enlightened One (Gnani) showers his special grace and breaks our inner wrong belief that of, “I’m really this name”. He bestows upon us the knowledge of the Self and thus makes us realize our true Self, which is the Pure Soul. The Absolute Soul verily is God!

Once Gnani awakens our Soul, we develop a special attachment towards our inner awakened Self i.e. God, and the instruments that help us reach to God. This deep attachment breaks us free from all the worldly attachments as we yearn to achieve the pure and blissful form of the Self at the earliest!

Currently, we can attain Self-Realization from Pujya Depakbhai Desai, the present or the Living Gnani, blessed by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan! So, to reach upto him is the way for us to connect to God!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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