What Are The Spiritual Aspects Of Doing Yoga?…

What Are The Spiritual Aspects Of Doing Yoga?

we all have done yoga because we know it is really good for relaxation and vitality of body but the benefits of doing yoga does not stop there.

There is a reason why yoga includes painful poses and doing these painful poses have a positive spiritual effect on us.

Lets see how,

whenever we do a yoga pose we are told to hold that pose for a time duration because during that time we doing something which is against our mind.

See in nature our mind have been programmed in a way that whenever we are in a danger it forces us to take actions. In yoga however we are going against this  natural mechanism and when we do, our mind does not understand what to do and it slowly calms down.

When the mind calms down bring your attention to breath and after some time leave the pose.

That’s it that is the very aim of spirituality i.e realizing what lies beyond the mind and rising from worldly mundanes.

Yoga appears very easy and many ignorants make fun of it also but the reality is it is a very ancient and risk free technique devised to pursue spirituality.

Doing yoga daily will help you realize your inner self only if you are consistent.Never do yoga just for the sake of doing it.


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