What Are The Most Effective Ways To Take CBD And Get The Maximum Health Benefits?…

What Are The Most Effective Ways To Take CBD And Get The Maximum Health Benefits?

CBD is exploding right now as more and more people are starting to learn about its numerous benefits and valuable effects. There are many products made with CBD available on the market and more are being introduced all the time. In addition, you can get your dose of CBD in a wide variety of ways, which we will discuss further in this article along with the best ways to take CBD.

The Various CBD Products Available Today

Manufacturers are getting very creative with CBD products today. Now there are a variety of edibles available and even CBD cooking oil and flour used to cook with, coffee and energy drinks containing CBD, nasal and oral inhalers, you breathe in, tinctures and lozenge’s that melt in your mouth, topical creams and other ointments that can be applied to the skin, transdermal CBD patches that stick on your body, and more.

Thus, every store you will shop at today will have one or more products that contain CBD. However, these different methods of consumption are also absorbed differently into the body, and some can limit the bioavailability substantially, and thereby, reduce the CBDs potency and effectiveness.

Therefore, it takes some experimenting to find the best way to absorb CBD and make it work for you. Finding the correct CBD effective dose depends on many factors, but mainly on how CBD is absorbed.

The Most Effective Way to Take CBD

When CBD is swallowed (supplement capsules, edibles, drinks), it is absorbed through the intestinal tract system and liver, both of which break down substances before dispatching them into the bloodstream, a process known as the first-pass metabolism.

Oral intake has a bioavailability of up to 20%. However, the bioavailability found in one cookie containing CBD was as little as just 6%. Needless to say, eating CBD containing products is not the most effective way to take CBD.

The best way to absorb CBD is sublingual. However, many people don’t know how to take CBD sublingually to get the best results. A tincture is the most commonly used product and the best way to take CBD tincture is by adding several drops under your tongue and then waiting a few seconds before swallowing it. This allows the tincture to seep into your sublingual gland and directly enter your bloodstream, bypassing the liver and intestinal tract system. Using CBD sublingually will take effect almost instantly and can last around six hours give or take a few.

Other Ways of Taking CBD That are Also Very Effective

Another way of ingesting CBD and probably the most popular as many have been using this method for years is by inhaling the substance (a smoking pipe, blunts, vaping, oral and nasal inhalers, CBD essential oil diffusers). Breathing in CBD smoke, mist, or fumes will also bypass the first-pass metabolism, but this method goes through the lungs and right into your brain providing a bioavailability of up to 56%. This allows the CBD to take its effects rapidly, however it doesn’t last very long. Therefore, you will find yourself needing more within just a few hours; however, for others, it may be more or less.

One way that’s much less appealing to most individuals is taking CBD rectally or vaginally by inserting a rocket-shaped suppository in the rectum or vagina. According to an internal medicine doctor Allan Frankel, MD, also one of the leading global authorities in dosed cannabis medicine, claims that through rectal absorption bioavailability is two times more than that of oral absorption. According to the study, the relativity between oral vs. rectal effectiveness is 25%-50%.


While there are numerous products available on the market today that contain CBD and many different ways to consume the substance, how well it works for you have many factors to consider, such as, the dosage and quality of the CBD, how it is administered, your body weight, how much and what you have eaten, and so much more. Therefore, the only way of knowing how to get the best results is by experimenting.


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