What Are The Effects Of Celibacy?…

What Are The Effects Of Celibacy?

Celibacy helps maintain a good physical and mental health. If one follows celibacy of the mind, speech and body for a period of six months only, a tremendous change will be seen in the power of his mind, his speech and his body! Following are a few of the effects of celibacy.

People practicing celibacy harness such power of mind, speech and body that they can accomplish anything that they aim at.

Their will-power is very high.

Practicing celibacy makes them remain stable and deal with the situation at hand in the right direction.

The mind remains in control.

Concentration and grasping power increases when one practices celibacy.

If brahmacharya is preserved for a few years with the right control, then the semen energy rises, After that, one is able to retain the spiritual essence of the scriptures and books.

The physical strength, the mental strength, the intellectual strength and the strength of the ego increases because of celibacy!

Brahmacharya is the king of the body and is the extract of the entire living body. Immunity power increases and as a result the body remains healthy. Vitality is the ultimate extract of all the extracts from the food we eat. If this extract is properly preserved, one can quickly attain the Self.

On the spiritual path, celibacy is the greatest and the purest instrument for one’s progress! There are immense spiritual benefits of celibacy.

Anger-pride-deceit-greed gradually decrease.

By following celibacy, merit karmas are bound.

The person who is under the vow of celibacy never falls, no matter how bad the difficulties.

One will be protected from the pains of the world and all bodily ailments.

The energy of the Self (Atma Virya) arises for those practicing celibacy, and infinite happiness is experienced.

The Ultimate of celibacy is when one’s focus is always in the awareness of the Self (Pure Soul) which is possible after attaining Self-realization from a Gnani (Self-realized One).

You may also be interested in knowing some more facts about celibacy.

Non-celibacy is the like ‘thirst’, which increases when one indulges in it more and more. When one doesn’t indulge in non-celibacy, the thirst for it disappears. The sexual thoughts arise in the mind (not intellect), and one can get rid of it by proper understanding using the intellect. The mind is a collection (tuber) of thoughts that were filled in the past life, and they discharge in this life without our control.

The nature of the mind is such that when one is away from anything for a year or two, he forgets it forever. However, we should not try to control the mind, because, the more we control the mind, the more it gets into that we control. So, it is important to find the reasons why the mind is interested in sexuality, and converse with the mind to replace the wrong beliefs with the right ones. For example, if the mind says that ‘Non-celibacy gives pleasure’, we can tell the mind that ‘There is no permanent pleasure in it, and it makes us physically, mentally and spiritually weak’.

Atma (Soul) is our real Self and Atma is always a celibate. The Soul never indulges in non-celibacy, because the Soul is subtle and the body is gross; subtle can never enjoy or suffer the gross ones.

We get all of this right knowledge from a Gnani (Self Realized being), and also get Self-realization from Him. When we are in the right belief that ‘I am Pure Soul’, the mind remains away from sexual thoughts and it becomes easier to maintain celibacy. So, to enjoy the good effects of celibacy, we can make a start by attaining Self-Realization from Gnani, and later remaining in his company, gather the right knowledge that helps us practice celibacy with correct understanding!


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