What Are The Attributes Of An Enlightened Master?…

What Are The Attributes Of An Enlightened Master?

He has no need to establish ashrams, no symbolic flags to fly! No sect, no creed! No label, no special attire of white or saffron! The Enlightened Master is clad in a quiet and plain attire of a householder.

How is one to recognize Him then?…

Through his attributes!!! No language or words are apt to describe the attributes of an Enlightened Master i.e. Gnani. However, for the aspirant of the Absolute Truth, even little description of these attributes proves to be of great value to him, to help him recognize his Enlightened Master.

The Enlightened Master is a liberated being, who has the power to liberate other beings too. He is the Self-realized liberated Soul and He is capable and competent to liberate countless other Souls. For Him, the stage of ‘becoming’ is over. He is in the supreme sate of ‘being’. He is the beacon light, living to lift and liberate others.

Gnani’s love is the purest love. From Gnani’s eyes, an endless stream of love flows all the time. He is a fountain of divine love that puts out the fires of the worldly life for everyone.

Gnani is completely trustworthy. You can place your trust in Gnani in all respect, not only in worldly matters but also in your path of liberation, until you reach the ultimate destination. Being with Him, you experience a spirit of oneness within. Each of them finds in Gnani, the most trustworthy and authentic personality in this world.

Gnani is an incarnation of Divinity. Every action of Gnani is divine. The deeds of Gnani only serve to liberate. Gnani has in him, the concurrence of many divine circumstantial evidences. Credit regales in crowning deeds performed through his blessings. When one experiences enlightened bliss amidst all kind of difficulties, one knows that he has met an Enlightened being.

Gnani is completely free from ego. There is a childlike innocence and guilelessness in the Gnani. He is natural and spontaneous in his reflexes or routine activities. Gnani’s ego is at the lowest level and his spirituality at the highest peak.

Captivating are the speech, conduct and humbleness of Gnani. They are unparallel; nowhere else to be seen! The spiritual prowess of his words is beyond one’s imagination! His spellbinding and salutary speech delivers experience and therefore has the power to penetrate within and establish divine vision and right perception in the aspirants who listen to Him attentively. In his conduct, there is due deference to the diversity of all viewpoints and so it hurts or offends no one. He accepts and absorbs anything offered to him, regardless of its quality and contents, and in turn blesses the giver.

Gnani lives in the present. Gnani is He that is forever poised in the present. There is a permanent prevalence of the present within Him. There is no sorrow for that which has passed, no yearning for that which is to come. He has wondrous detachment to external factors and forces.

Gnani sees no fault or flaws anywhere. He finds and feels everything in order. Having become free of faults Himself, he views the entire world as innocent and in order. He is neither dogmatic nor pragmatic. He is open to all viewpoints in this world and hence is free from all dissent and conflict.

He has no worldly desires, no pride nor internal worldly stagnation within. The eternal light of Knowledge manifests within only when one’s needs and desires dissolve. Gnani is not allured by anything – veneration or self-worship, objects of senses, riches or disciples.

Gnani has dazzling majesty, like that of Sun. The infinite radiance and strength of the Pure Self are visible in his eyes. Only when experienced, one realizes the Divine energy of the Enlightened Master.

The soothing coolness of the Moon can be felt in his deep tranquility and compassion. Everyone, in his presence, feels the tranquility and coolness, which does not allow them to be away from him even for a moment. Forever within Him, remains the spirit of comforting, saving, and liberating all the creatures of the world from the agony of suffering and the afflictions of worldly life.

The Gnani has the depth and serenity of the ocean, which soothes and calms everyone’s heart. Not a single trace of stubbornness or obstinacy, which are the greatest obstructions in the world, is to be found in Gnani. He is simple and straightforward and gentle and free-flowing between the ups and downs in life.

His stillness and steadfastness is comparable to the mountain of Meru. No external circumstances or events can dare shake his inner poise or steadfastness. Gnani remains unaffected, unruffled and unperturbed even in the face of someone’s untoward gesture or humiliation. No instigation can dare irritate him.

Compressibility, flexibility and tensibility. Gnani can adjust under any kind of pressure and can bear any amount of burden blithely. He never breaks down; on the contrary He remains steadfast amidst tensions, torments and tribulations.

Gnani is Liberation Incarnate.

Gnani has an ardent wish for the liberation of all caught in the quagmire of the worldly life. Gnani is like the gem of parasmani, which turns iron into gold; in fact even better than this gem, as the Enlightened Master has the power to make us just like Him. What we are able to gain from Him is in proportion to our openness and receptivity.

So many evidences of Nature come together to make the Enlightened Master manifest in the world!

So long as we have not experienced our Soul, the Enlightened Master is the guiding star of our Soul. All the scriptures proclaim unanimously, ‘If you desire to realize the Self, go to a Gnani.’ Pure Soul is our real Self. The Self will manifest only upon seeing the Living Gnani because a lighted candle can kindle light in others. The seed of Gnan (enlightenment) inculcated by the Enlightened Master can fructify into Liberation for everyone.

Even once, if one surrenders his all, without any reservations, in the lotus feet of the Enlightened Master, he will surely attain liberation. The vision of the world is that of infinite delusional attachment. No one can escape from it. Therefore one must remain surrendered to the Enlightened One and take the utmost benefit of His for the attainment of ultimate liberation and make one’s existence on this earth meaningful and fruitful.


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