What Are Some Good Books On The Law Of Karma?…

What Are Some Good Books On The Law Of Karma?

There are various religious books and scriptures available, which explain the law of karma in detail. However, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being of the present age, has, in a very simple layman’s language and in incredible detail, described the philosophy of karma. In the book ‘The Science of Karma’, he reveals precisely the science behind how one sows the seeds of karma, and exactly how and when are the effects of this karma endured, with their reasons connected.

Very often, questions arise in our mind such as:

• What is the origin of the first ever karma?

• Why do honourable people suffer, whilst bad people escape their deeds?

• Why is there so much suffering in this world?

• Is this life the effects of my current karma or the past?

• Is there a method by which one can be released from accumulating any further karma, and thereby be liberated from the perpetual cycle of birth and rebirth?

Deep insight into all of these and many more life-changing facts are exposed by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of the stepless path to salvation, in here. This book is in a question and answer format consisting of simple and effective, yet scientific and practical solutions which are very easy to digest, to understand and also to apply the principles laid down herein, into one’s day to day life.

Let’s take a simple illustration from the book, which provides exceptional clarity in the binding of karma. People believe that karma is bound through visible action. However, Dada explains that it is our inner intent during the unfolding of past karma, which binds a future karma. This intent in the next birth fructifies into a visible action which in turn brings suffering, good or bad, depending on the type of karma’s seed, whether merit or demerit.

For instance, on account of some past karma that has brought him poverty, when one is unable to donate, if his inner intent is “How I wish I had money so that I could donate for this good cause”, he binds merit karma, and in his next birth as this karma fructifies, he shall be able to donate for a good cause, which will bring him lot of praise and blessings that will make him feel nice.

Likewise, there are many scientific insights related to the principal of karma in this book, which satisfies the minds of people seeking clarifications. This book provides knowledge, the impact of which is not only be seen in this life, but will be visible in our future lives too.

Reading this book one begins to comprehend:

• Who binds karma – the Soul or the body?

• Our current misery and happiness is owing to our present actions or our past deeds?

• If my actions are good, will it eliminate my bad karma?

• What type of karmas do we sow if we hurt someone through our speech, actions or thoughts?

• Do we sow karmas if the person concerned is not aware that we are wishing them hurt through our thoughts?

• Will karmas which are accumulated in this life determine our next birth and if yes where will our future birth be?

• What are the destructive results that emotions like anger, pride, deceit, greed, attachment and abhorrence can have on us, and what type of karma will this amass?

• Is there a method so that I do not have to suffer the effects of karma, and therefore live a blissful life?

• Suppose we have done something bad even when we did not what to, is there a way of reserving that adverse deed hence be released?

• What is the precise nature of karma, how are they bound and exactly how do merit or demerit karmas unfold? How are the main effects of these the primary source for one’s happiness and misery?

The Science of karma is a noteworthy and outstanding volume. The facts within this book comprise the essence of the science that the enlightened beings have preached.

The other related spiritual science books by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan include:

• Non-Violence

The book enlightens the reader on the results related to karmas of violence and what is considered as the highest form of non-violence.

• Whatever has happened is justice

This book explains how whatever happens in our life is a result of our own past karmas and thus helps the reader learn to consequently accept life the way it is.

• The fault is of the Sufferer

Whenever we have to endure suffering although there may seem no apparent fault on our part, we feel hurt and we repeatedly question ‘I have done nothing wrong? Then why me?’ Dada explains if you want to know who is at fault in this world, find the one who suffers and realize the real causes behind your suffering, which is your own karmas.

• Avoid Conflicts

The definitive understanding given in this book helps us prevent further conflicts and thus bind further karmas, as a result of which we gain peace and happiness.

If you are in pursuit to live a life which is free from misery and pain, by reading these books, you will begin to gain a deeper insight into the precise laws of karma and also understand the root cause of the obstacles that you may face in life and also learn the masterkeys of how to overcome them. The knowledge gained from these books help us derive ‘what the goal of our human birth ought to be’!

Wishing you loads of goodluck in life and Happy Reading

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