What Are Some Books For Following Brahmacharya?…

What Are Some Books For Following Brahmacharya?

Brahmacharya or celibacy is one of the most important parts of any spiritual journey. It may not necessarily be a pre-condition for beginning the journey, but after a point, it becomes inevitable.

Like with the other spiritual traditions or practices, the practice of celibacy too yields desired results only when it is accompanied by right understanding. This is where books become helpful. But before we discuss what books are available to help guide us through our practice of celibacy, let us take a brief look at what celibacy means in the first place.

The most simple and widespread understanding of the term celibacy is abstinence from sexual activity at all levels, that of mind, body and speech. Indulging in sexual activity causes violence of many subtle beings. Besides, it could add on to the karmic entanglements which will result in the prolongation of worldly life, in turn delaying the attainment of moksha (the ultimate liberation from cycle of life and death).

Further, as explained by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, celibacy or brahmacharya essentially means existing in the state of brahma (Atma or God). Following this definition, one who intends pursuing brahmacharya, begins to put in spiritual efforts in the direction of experiencing a complete and permanent dissociation from the body, mind and speech. If one does not identify one’s Self with the body at all, nor with one’s mind or speech also, one believes he will automatically come into the practice of brahmacharya. But this stage of complete and permanent dissociation from the body, mind and speech cannot happen without Self-realization.

The Atma, by nature, is a brahmachari. Identifying one’s Self with the Pure Soul (Atma), which is the real Self, is essential to remain in the state of Brahma. When one attains Self-realization, brahmacharya becomes a natural part of their being. One could practice the highest kind of brahmacharya then, because such brahmacharya comes not from suppression of desires, but from the inner awareness of the real Self, that has emerged from the right understanding.

This stage of Brahmacharya is possible when one has the knowledge of the Self – the understanding that one is really a pure Soul. This is where we need the grace of a Gnani, the Enlightened One, who has himself attained Self-realization and has the spiritual power to make us realize the Self too. In this day and age, Akram Vignan provides us this link of the Living Gnani, who has the divine power to bestow upon us the knowledge of the Self, and thereby destroy our ignorance of the Self.

So, attaining Self-Realization from the Living Gnani, ought to be the first step for following brahmacharya.

Akram Vignan, as propounded by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, further offers the understanding of celibacy through the medium of this book named, ‘Brahmacharya: Celibacy With Understanding.’ In this book, you will find a precise and clear road map on how to practice celibacy. It is a compilation of excerpts from satsangs held over many years, in the form of expository question and answers between various questioners and Param Pujya Dadashri. For more details, you may visit https://www.dadabhagwan.org/books-media/books/english/brahmacharya:+celibacy+with+understanding/


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