What According To You Is The Ideal Life That One Should Live?…

What According To You Is The Ideal Life That One Should Live?

An ideal way to live a human life is by ensuring it is a balanced one, both mentally and physically, by living a life which is fulfilling to us and to those around us as well, a life which has a purpose and makes a valuable difference to everyone we come across.

Here are a few suggestions on the points, which when integrated into your daily routine, will contribute towards living an ideal and perfect life.

1. Develop the ability to be able to adjust with others. This is especially valid when things get challenging. During this time:

o Listen to point of view of others.

o Be willing to meet them halfway.

o Be open-minded. Try not to have preconceived opinions about people or situations.

o Listen to your heart rather than your intellect.

o Be willing to compromise.

When you learn to adjust with others, you experience inner peace. Additionally, solutions to issues prevail quickly. The more you adjust and let go rather than holding onto your viewpoint, the more will people around you do the same. They too will be less defiant towards you.

2. Make a deep inner intent to not hurt others. “May no living being be ever hurt by my thoughts, words or actions”, each morning, repeat this intent in your mind and keep this intent active throughout the day, every day. Through this intent, you will feel more positive, lighter and happier.

3. Live a life filled with honesty and integrity. In work and at home, regardless of what is happening around, do all you can to stop yourself from engaging in bad-mouthing, cheating or lying. These harmful traits first and foremost have a negative impact on you before affecting others. So keep yourself away from it.

4. Ensure you have friends who inspire you and bring the best out in you. Make friends with people who are encouraging and like-minded.

5. Try to help or serve people in need. Weekly, monthly or whenever you can, be of help to others through a caring gesture or donating food or old clothing to needy or giving some of your personal time to serve elders. Basically, do anything which will make a difference in someone else’s life. When we do things for others, we consequently feel a sense of contentment and joy within us.

6. Live in the present and appreciate what you already have. Negative emotions such as greed, competitiveness or jealousy will take away your peace of mind. So enjoy what you already have and strive for a better and peaceful life.

7. Introduce some form of physical activity ranging from yoga, running or join a gym. This is necessary for the well-being of the mind and body on a regular basis. As a result, you will feel physically active and mentally refreshed.

8. Lastly, ask for forgiveness if you happen to hurt others. By doing so you are affirming that you are not in agreement with the mistake. Also, you are opposing that action from occurring in the future.

To conclude,

The single and most important way to lead an ideal life is: to not hurt a single living being even to the slightest extent, through our mind, speech or conduct. When you introduce this principle into your life, you will experience immense peace. And as a direct result you will feel in harmony with others. This is because now you are not looking at anyone’s faults nor are you in competition with anyone.


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