What According To You Is The Difference And The Connection Between Morality And Ego?…

What According To You Is The Difference And The Connection Between Morality And Ego?

Morality means to enjoy that which is rightfully ours; that which comes our way naturally and of its own accord. This is the ultimate meaning of morality!

When asked in what way should morality be practiced; how should life be lived, Param Pujya Dadashri says, “We should live life with ethics such that regardless of what happens, no one should be harmed; we should live life with honesty. All the other attributes are encompassed in morality.”

Morality means no bad attribute exists at all.

When not even a single of the negative attributes remain, that is when it is called morality. Such a person would indeed be considered to be sincere to the entire world!

The Connection between Morality and Ego

When morality and sincerity both exist together, then ‘sheel’ is considered to have manifested. The goal of morality and sincerity is ‘sheel’ (being virtuous) – with that one can understand what is encompassed in sheel!

Egoism is the enemy of sheel. Yet, sheel begins with egoism. As one gradually becomes sheelvaan (virtuous), the ego eventually becomes dull. And when the egoism is destroyed, then the state of sheelvaan becomes evident. Everything happens step by step.

We can attain sheel by sitting in the company of and proximity of a person in whom the attributes of morality and sincerity are apparent i.e. Gnani, the Enlightened One. Gnani has the wonderful skill to win the heart of even an immoral person with love, cleanse that person of his impurities, mould him for his betterment, get him onto the path of morality and take away all his ego!!!

Morality Never Prevents, It Only Supports Us Lead A Happy Life

Human beings must have morals for morality holds great value. When an obliging nature and honesty exist, along with the virtues of sincerity and morality, everyone is pleased with such a person! A person with morals is considered to be a highly superior human being. Sincerity and morality are the pillars of our entire being. When these crumble, everything collapses.

The very basis of religion is morality. One who has no morals has no value. Moreover, one has to suffer severe punishment when one takes something that does not rightfully belong to him. Every action has its consequences; they are inevitable; nothing can save us from the effects of our bad deeds. One is forced to take birth in lower life-forms and even there, one has to bear extreme suffering if one is presently walking on the path of immorality.

However, our mistakes can be washed if we wholeheartedly repent for committing those mistakes. All the bad habits of a person disappear when one becomes moral. Morality helps wash off person’s negative qualities and traits.

Where there is abundance of money but no morality, one is in utter restlessness. On the other hand, if there is morality, even if there’s lack of money, one experiences peace. Things which we are rightfully entitled to shall come to us naturally anyways, without any objection. Therefore, we should always try and steer ourselves and others too towards morality.

One who has morality, he possesses an excellent intellect. Such intellect drives away the miseries and pains of worldly life, it removes all the clashes from within the home, and it brings about a solution for separation due to difference of opinions – This is like the Gnan of the Gnani! This is the way morality extends everywhere.

Morality is Precious

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Moksha can be attained after becoming moral.”

Therefore, one should always look at being moral and finishing one’s karma calmly, and eventually, reach the spiritual state of highest order and attain moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

When one is completely moral, he becomes God!

It will do if one remains less sincere, but he certainly needs to be moral, just as in stones, there are precious stones, like that, out of all attributes, morality is a precious attribute.

Morality means purity. Purity has the power to attract everything in this world. Hence inculcate morality.


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