What About Staying In The Moment Causes One To Be A Happier Person?…

What About Staying In The Moment Causes One To Be A Happier Person?

More and more people in today’s age are seen to be adopting mindfulness practices to help cope up with their daily stress and the troubles associated with the current lifestyle. And interestingly, they have experienced a noticeable difference too between the quality of their life before and after such practice. So what is it about mindfulness that makes it so effective?

The practice of mindfulness encourages one to focus on the present, rather than on the past or future.

The simple reason for this is that even if we are concerned with the past or the future, it is only the present that provides a meaningful link between the two. No matter how much our past seems to affect our present or no matter how concerned we may be about our future, we can act only in the present.

And if we are always worrying about what happened or what might happen, we are likely to be overwhelmed. This will only ruin our present for there is nothing much we can do to change what has happened or to pre-determine what will happen in future. On the other hand, there is a sense of achievement and satisfaction afforded by the small wins we can and will get in the present vis-a-vis the sense of despair that stems from worrying about things beyond our control.

It is useless to worry about anything that is happening in this life because it is pre-programmed.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains that according to the law of karma, all events and occurrences in this life stem from the type of karmic programming one has done in his or her previous lives. This means that this life is a playing out of the script written previously, and any notion of control we may have is grossly flawed as we cannot actually change the unfolding of karma, designed by us previously.

How does living in the present provide a simple and powerful way towards being a happier person?

Param Pujya Dadashri further explains, “If I remember that this person had told me such thing a few minutes ago, then I would lose the present. Whatever happened, settle that thing right there only. Learn to remain in the present. If you forget past, then you can remain in present. Past is gone, so what will happen if you remember it today? You will lose the profit of present. That’s a sure loss!

When I am eating a mango or taking a meal at that time, I would not remember other things. This dinner is in front of me now. And so, ‘eat this alphonso mango at ease! Eat some but chew it well.’”

Those who live in the present do not make a single mistake and they have no worries.

If one remains in the present, would there be any tension? Tension is for the one who gets lost in the past, and for the one who delves in the future. The tendency to worry about the past or the future will cause one to make regrettable errors. It is similar to walking on a road with your eyes fixed a few miles ahead. One will be able to see the obstacles that are far away, but will stumble on the rock he missed out seeing just five feet ahead. Mindfulness, or living in the present would help avoid such mistakes and the resultant worry.

Such a person is bound to be happy!

Hence, Forget the past, Do not worry about the future, And thus remain constantly in the present.

The Lord says that the One who remains in the present continuously is a Gnani!!! Such a One is continuously and constantly in the present only. He always remains in present and teaches us to remain in present too. Besides it is according to the law. Hence Lord has advised us to remain in the present only.


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