We’re On This Journey Together! Virtual Reiki…

We’re On This Journey Together! Virtual Reiki

Greetings Warriors, How about some good news?

My wish is that people find time during social distancing to reflect on what’s important. A time to ground and realize the Earth is a powerful force and our time here isn’t guaranteed. Let go of the pressure to get from point A to point B, and allow yourself to fully feel grief. We’re all on this journey together and it’s important to be sensitive to people’s feelings around loss and expect that there will be many.

In an effort to raise the vibration and change the collective spirit we encourage everyone to join in global peace meditations. To be of service whenever possible and ask to help and for help when needed. Gold Light Reiki is offering free Reiki virtually through Instagram live at 7am PST / 10am EST. @GoldLightReiki

The spiritual community and mentors have been speaking about 2020 and “the shift” for a long time now. The desensitization that’s happened through modern day technology has created a toxic environment that moved far too fast. Ironically these advancements also have the power to help us all reconnect and shape and shift the collective consciousness.

Instead of choosing fear in moments of uncertainty, try exercising strength and create new neural pathways that help redefine what you know about yourself thus far. Working from the inside to create a stronger mind, body and soul connection. To rewire by creating new neural pathways of strength. We will get through this together and it starts with trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your purpose, trust in all the ways that were broken at one point or another. Gently working through grief in all the ways and feeling safe and supported is so key to transformation.

Grounding, breath work, meditation and getting back to the basics. Reflecting on the fact that before our fast paced society existed we took time to look one another in the eyes, to check in with family, friends and our neighbors. Although social distancing is important in these times, it’s equally as important to help take care of our most vulnerable which are the elderly and those with immune systems not as strong.

Use this time as an awakening and reconnection to the divine. To support yourself moving forward. To plant the seeds. Seriously plant some seeds. Get back to the earth, and remember your connection. Shedding the ego and placing trust back into your senses.

Gold Light Reiki is offering Distance Reiki virtually via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom. This is free for those affected by Covid-19 and working on a sliding scale for everyone throughout this time.

Reiki is a wonderful way to release what no longer belongs to you and to reconnect to your own essence and intuition. Reiki can be shared beyond time and space. We do not need to be physically present with you to share Reiki.

If you are feeling stressed, lost, anxious, or just plain overwhelmed, please know you are not alone. There are ways to cope. They may not be conventional, but they are very real and surprisingly accessible.

Connect over the phone or email to schedule or if you have any questions, please reach out.

Free for anyone diagnosed with Covid-19.

Love and Light!



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