Weight Loss Myths Debunked…

Weight Loss Myths Debunked


đź”°Myth #1: You can just sweat it off!

Repeat after me: You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. This one we all kind of know, yet we kinda all don’t want to believe.

đź”°Myth #2: Carbs make you fat!

Carbs are the premier fuel source for intense and moderate exercise and the preferred fuel source for your brain, so for thinking and to prevent energy levels from sinking, you can be selective with your carb choices, but don’t take them off the plate.

đź”°Myth #3: Weight loss is all about calories in and calories out.

This numerical approach to weight loss has also been hailed as gospel for so long that it will be a challenge to exorcise it from our collective consciousness, but let’s try anyway.

Only now we know that that equation is a bit of smoke and mirrors, because 500 calories in the form of broccoli and salmon will have a far different impact on your appetite, metabolism, energy and fat storage than 500 calories from french fries and cheesecake.

đź”°Myth #4: Eating fat makes you fat.

We might need to change the name of the fat we eat to something completely different from the unwanted fat we carry around our waist, because the association is so firmly cemented in the minds of so many that it’s impossible to wedge free.

đź”°Myth #5: You’ve got to lose weight slowly.

Surprised to see this one? While no one recommends crash dieting—because it’s unsustainable no matter how much (or little) weight you lose—initial rapid weight loss is actually pretty normal when people embark on a lifestyle change like riding regularly and cleaning up their diet.


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