July 21 – July 27 Weekly Leo Season Forecast For All Signs…

July 21 – July 27 Weekly Leo Season Forecast For All Signs

Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭🤩

Here’s on the cosmic agenda this week!

  1. Sun Enters Leo
  2. The Three Negative Weeks

If it feels like things are speeding up, it’s because they are! Especially in regards to relationships. The chart of this week sees a lot of opportunities within the realm of our relationships. The funny thing is that there is an extra emphasis on relationships that serve a purpose. For example, this could be someone that you have a contract with. Essentially, it’s anyone who needs to fulfill their part. This can fall into the emotional realm too!

Make sure that expectations are VERY clear on all sides before jumping to conclusions.

Mostly because we have entered into a cosmic time zone of radioactivity! From Saturday, 20 July until Saturday, 10 August we are transiting through a challenging period. Don’t begin anything new during this time (of course you can keep working on ongoing projects).

Basically, there is so much light available to us during this time, we become like animals in a buffet only thinking about ourselves and our needs. People tend to become selfishly attracted to whatever patterns are running them. So, we need to make excuses for people and not take things personally!

The Sun will ingress into Leo making things more exaggerated and stubborn.

We need to watch out for narcissistic ego distractions and remain focused on our spiritual purpose. In other words, we need to stay aware of showing off and seeking praise and attention from others. It can only issue temporary happiness. The best way to change the world is to change yourself!

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to receive it on a deeper level and support my work, consider a donation.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH Astrology.

Weekly horoscope & important transits:

  1. Sunday: Allow yourself to be presented with some good ideas for work. Stay open and write those ideas down, they won’t come again!
  2. Monday: A lot of unknown patterns may be running the show today. If you’re having a hard time coping, try to become inspired!
  3. Tuesday: Celebrate your expression and open your heart to something that scares you!
  4. Wednesday: Wherever we put our focus is where our energy will go! So better not focusing on judging others.
  5. Thursday: The happier we are, the more miracles we can reveal!
  6. Friday: What we desire may see the light of day if we remember that our feelings don’t represent all of reality. Don’t forget about love!
  7. Saturday: People who have accomplished anything perceived a reality that didn’t exist. Open your mind to whatever the world needs from you!


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