Weekly Horoscope July 19 – 25, 2020…

Weekly Horoscope July 19 – 25, 2020

In order to be free, we have to let go of what is familiar. – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers! 🌃🤩

This week!

  • New Moon in Cancer
  • Sun Opposite Saturn
  • Sun Enters Leo

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading with me.

The week starts off bittersweet. On one hand, we have the New Moon in Cancer helping us to remove jealousy, granting us access to wealth and abundance. On the other hand, there are some interesting aspects we cannot overlook.

The Sun is in direct opposition with Saturn and Pluto within the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This is bringing up power struggles between freedom and what’s familiar. Duality is emphasized and we are confronted with which side we take. It’s almost like our greed and our refusal to receive help cancel out all the happiness and protection that we could experience. This week, try to remember that joy and celebration of life is what this is all really about.

The inherent truth is that in order to be free, we have to let go of what is familiar. We tend to stay with “what we are used to” even if it’s bad for us. We are asked to step away from being “too personal” with our perceptions.

Without proactive change, how can we expect anything in our lives to change?

We are already into the 30th week of 2020, with 23 more weeks to endure. The 2020 Saturn/Pluto alignment from January is being re-highlighted right now. Depending on how we use the reminder will determine whether we reinforce current collective patterns or if we break free and begin something new.

In other words, are we veering into what’s familiar, or directing into freedom? All I can say is, spend your free will, or whatever level you have of it, wisely.

It’s almost like a cosmic Groundhog’s Day. We are all wondering: is our cosmic winter going to be extended? Or will the warmth & light come early? It really feels like the days are repeating thanks to all the planets in retrograde. But we need to realize that we are given a second chance to do things differently.

The New Moon in Cancer, the second one of 2020, is also evidence of a second chance. The first one this year was eclipsed. With this New Moon in Cancer, we can look at our jealousy, which was the spiritual cause of COVID-19 and our social unrest. Jealousy usually refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurity and the pain about a lack of possessions or fulfillment. It can lead to the evil eye, which is one of the weapons of greatest destruction man has ever known. I will teach about and guide us all through a virtual ritual to heal our jealousy so that we may become all-accomplishing.

Each and every one of us has the power, and responsibility, to contribute to rising above our fate. Every time we slip into entitlement or complaining, we forfeit our responsibility and power to rise above fate. Essentially, we want to avoid being a know-it-all about things we are familiar with while also pushing ourselves to obtain a bigger picture, without the filters of judgment or opinion.

At the beginning of the week, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are all in the signs of their rulership – and on Wednesday the Sun will move into Leo (also the sign of rulership) – bestowing us with a unique ability to see if we’re headed in the direction we intended, or have become lost on our path. Either way, it will become more and more apparent.

If you need some more illumination in your life or want to get a clear idea of what the Summer season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. If you have some health goals, book a healing with me. If you’re a Leo, your solar return (your birthday is coming up) book in an appointment with me to see what your next journey around the Sun has in store for you!

We are also enduring the three weeks of negativity, which is an adverse time, but it could also be a positive moment should we take the proper measures. Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates and guided meditations during these three negative weeks.

  • The cosmic signature of the week is putting us into a strong focus and concentration onto ourselves. We just need to balance things out by remembering to be proactive wither others.
  • The gift of the week is the concentration to fulfill whatever we have set our mind too.
  • The challenge of the week is becoming so consumed with it that we forget why we are here in the first place.

Also, I want to mention that I started a Podcast on YouTube, Apple, Google, and Spotify. Search for “Ageless” by Arik Xander. My recent episode is about the difference between oaths and vows:

As we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Information brings us the ability to know everything about anything! The only caveat is that it isn’t “for free”. Meaning, that in order to really receive information and integrate it, we need to pay for it. This is how we create a vessel, otherwise, it remains intellectual, an accessory to the mind. I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to receive it on a deeper level and support my work, consider a donation and follow me on Instagram: @ArikXander for tips on how to boost immunity and stay mindful of cosmic happenings.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Weekly Horoscope & important transits:

  1. Sunday: Stubbornness and greed will not advance mankind into the direction the heart of humanity wants to go. Step down from standoffs that only bring out the greedy, unappreciative nature of the ego.
  2. Monday: Today is the second New Moon in Cancer! Be sure to participate in my virtual ritual to help remove jealousy and tame the energy of the lunar cycle ahead.
  3. Tuesday: Move quickly, but make sure it’s in the right direction. Patience is everything today, think with love before you act.
  4. Wednesday: Today the Sun moves into Leo, the sign that it rules. The energy shifts from impulsive water into convinced fire. Let’s tread carefully and develop a plan to use this energy appropriately.
  5. Thursday: Try not to exaggerate what you lack as this can attract that which you want to avoid before you can cancel that creation. Stay calm and mature and welcome situations as opportunities for growth and upgrade.
  6. Friday: Control the desire to feed self-images and allow yourself to end some turbulent relationship to something (real or imagined).
  7. Saturday: Details and hard work will help bring your desires into manifestation. Now is not the best time to push, but you can plan for after these three weeks of negativity when it’s all systems go.


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