Weekly Horoscope August 18 – 24, 2019…

Weekly Horoscope August 18 – 24, 2019

Let’s not get sucked into fighting over the same old thing this week. We can rather close those doors so that new ones will open.

Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭🤩

We finally move out of the heat and into the practical solar month of Virgo! This is a welcomed change after the winds of Gemini, the ebbs of Cancer and the blazes of Leo! We can finally kick up our feet and relax…….or can we?

Probably not!

Virgo loves to work and be of service. We will all act-it-out to some extent. Virgo is the most important month to prepare for the Autumn Equinox, which I will be doing in my week-long Tuscan retreat.

The number 1 exercise for the solar month of Virgo is ATONEMENT! Please check out my Level 1 Atonement practice and make it apart of your daily routine. Aurelia and I also offer an advanced, and a personalized life-changing program called DASH® Atonements which is exclusive to our Life Coaching with The Xander’s program.

Virgo will also call us to take care of our small intestine and ability to assimilate and eliminate food, amongst other things. Parasites and other energies can get stuck in the small intestine and, when left unprocessed, can affect our energy, skin, and ability to move forward. You can book an Astrolochi® Balancing in with me to help with these transits within your chart! They can be done remotely as well!

Before we get into Virgo on Friday, we will have a beautiful fire triangle between the Moon in Aries, Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius! There is so much passion in the air, we need to be ready to get things started! Don’t be surprised if you have visions or strong impulses to act upon your relationships in ANY area! I really love these fire triangles as they give us an opportunity to ignite a new flame which can last a lifetime. We need to make ourselves humble, otherwise, this fire triangle will only be a firework.

As for the rest of the week, the Sun is making a novile to the North Node telling us that we need to really close a chapter in our familiar life if we want to move forward financially! We are thinking about the changes that need to be made so that we can either find a new home or find a new appreciation for the home we are in. Either way, forward movement demands some type of closure within the realm of family, emotions or the mother.

The only thing is that Mars has his part in this constellation too as he is semi-squaring the same North Node injecting energy and perhaps a bit of conquest. Let’s not get sucked into fighting over the same old thing this week. Use that martian energy to really close those doors so that new ones will open.

Also, did you know that every plant is ruled by a planet and constellation? Yeah! So, you’ll want to use the plants that had been created to harness the constellation of Virgo and overcome the negative influences the archetype can throw at us with the Virgo Essential Oil Blend and Astro Spray.

The Sun will be aligned with Venus and Mars in Leo too. There could be some passive-aggressiveness between people. Many of us may feel like we are fighting to be heard. Try to find the peaceful path. Violence never got anyone anywhere they want to be in the long run. These planets will soon move into Virgo, which will change the game for us all.

The Moon is aligned with Neptune in Pisces and we are being asked to not fantasize about friends, groups, and people we network with. Boundaries are everything. We can use this energy to elevate others through our art. Be creative and push yourself into new realms through the artistic works, and remember, the less the artist does, the better the art!

If you need some more illumination in your life or want to get a clear idea of what the rest of the summer season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. I offer insightful Lunar Return Readings which are very focused for 29 days.

If you’re a Virgo, your solar return (your birthday is coming up) so book in an appointment with me to see what your next journey around the sun has in store for you!

The chart of this week retains a lot fo fixed fire energy, which will invoke fears of loss. The truth is that we don’t ever really lose anything that didn’t belong to us in the first place. Plus, anything worth having cannot be lost, unless we really sabotage something good going on. So be patient and drink lots of water with the consciousness you are cooling down hatred and any smoldering anger.

The downfall of the week, will be pride, arrogance and self-exemption from spiritual work which can cause us to lose things.

The gift of the week is confidence, courage, generosity with self and others and an ability to become a leader and inspiration for others.

As we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Information which gives us the ability to know everything about anything! The only caveat is that it isn’t “for free”. Meaning, that in order to really receive information and integrate it, we need to pay for it. This is how we create a vessel, otherwise, it remains intellectual, an accessory to the mind.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to receive it on a deeper level and support my work, consider a donation.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: The Sun is aligned with Venus and Mars in Leo too. There could be some passive-aggressiveness between people. Many of us may feel like we are fighting to be heard. Try to find the peaceful route. Violence never got anyone anywhere they want to be in the long run.
  2. Monday: The Moon is in Aries giving us vision and in a trine with Mercury in Leo. There is a strong urge to initiate what we see. So much passion and fire for us to really light up our lives!
  3. Tuesday: Building upon yesterday, Mercury now trines Jupiter in Sagittarius giving us the ability to bring growth to our intentions and sustain our fire. This is an extremely powerful triangle of fire.
  4. Wednesday: Mercury has just entered Leo and is in aspect with Chiron. We can think on our feet and how our actions will affect others. We may see where our ego is still hurt by what others have said about us. Wounds around friendship, or groups, receive more information for another level of healing.
  5. Thursday: Challenges could present themselves in the realm of love and relationships. It could be so subtle, yet so vital in determining whether we move forward or make another turn of the same old story. Let’s turn these challenges into creative processes!
  6. Friday: Don’t forget that you need to work hard to get what you want. Most of that work is on the spiritual level! As always! If you’re wondering why you are left out in the cold, or how you got there, look into the details and love what you see.
  7. Saturday: Today we need to release attachments to the material. It isn’t going to give us status or success. But the trinity of spirit will! Let go of the obsessions, the attachments and the addiction to having the right brand name, address, title, etc. Failure to do this is failure to resolve karma.


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