Weekly Horoscope 40: You Gotta Let Go Of The Old…

Weekly Horoscope 40: You Gotta Let Go Of The Old

Hello Stargazers! ????????

We are well into the Autumn Equinox! The planetary ruler of the Judgement Tarot archetype, Pluto, will be going “direct” at the beginning of the week.

This means that will we dig deep into ourselves to see what it is that we have to contribute to the collective. The Pluto retrograde period has shown us where we had been self-serving, and now we have the opportunity to move forward in spite of our negative ego behavior (if we can can be authentic and transform out of the old ways.) Be sure to read my extensive article on the Pluto archetype, Judgement, here.

This week, there is also a lot of emphasis on our roots and family, which could bring up a lot of emotions. So, no getting all nostalgic and ponder on the “good ol’ times”, as our memory has a way of distorting the truth of how things really went down. This is not how we transform out of the old ways (read above).

On Friday, the planet of love, money, and desire will go retrograde in Scorpio which could bring up all sorts of regrets about the way life has gone. Don’t get sucked into it.

The Venus retrograde period can be used to atone for pain that we have induced in relationships.

Finally, there is no fire in the chart this week, which means we will need to work extra hard to initiate things. There is so much water and air, so we need to watch out for hurricane-like behavior! Really try to control your emotional spewing and don’t say things you may later regret.

Please read my “notable transits” for each day this week or follow me on Twitter, Facebook or watch my daily Instagram Stories to get the updates as they occur.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using Astrolochi®.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

Sunday: Today is the 7th day of the Autumn Equinox, where we are going through a lot of change, even if we don’t see it. Our karmic view is being purified out. Today something new begins, but only to the degree we have let go of the old. Sun 6˚ Libra

Monday: Today is the seed level for the month of October, and Pluto goes direct. It’s time to put away the past and start digging into new creative ventures. We have until Friday to really express ourselves without any extra effort. Focus on resurrecting your true power and not the same old patterns. Pluto 18˚ Capricorn goes direct.

Tuesday: Talking ish isn’t going to make your happier. In fact, it hurts the person talked about, the person who listens, and the person who is talking. Today, we should be mindful to not talk about others, but rather talk about ideas to create a better world. Mars 6˚ Aquarius septile Chiron 29˚ Pisces

Wednesday: Ideas will go through the wringer so don’t take it personal if your communications are more intense than usual today. Old ideas are better left at the door, so take the day to upgrade your mental OS if need be. Mercury 18˚ Libra square Pluto 18˚ Capricorn

Thursday: Our recent experiences will soon make sense. Right now, we need to look for the small details in the big picture. Pessimism won’t serve anyone, so really find a way to ground those ideas in a way that is win/win. Jupiter 22˚ Scorpio novile Saturn 3˚ Capricorn

Friday: Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio which will have us look at past sexual transgressions, and help us review our desire nature on a whole new level. We can start to get real honest about what we really want, and what we have “settled for”. Venus Rx in Scorpio is sort of intense as it can reawaken issues we thought had been “dead”. Don’t give it any weight, just restrict and everything will be okay. Venus goes Rx

Saturday: There is no excuse to feel abandoned or left out. Today we are throwing away the crutches that support our victimized ego mentality. We are supported by the Universe, and there are people out there who will reflect this support. We’ve put all these old excuses in the trash, and now it’s time to empty it. Saturn 3˚ Capricorn trine Uranus Rx 1˚ Taurus


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