Weekly Astrology September 1 – 7, 2019…

Weekly Astrology September 1 – 7, 2019

We are being asked to assimilate our experiences through organization so that we can be successful in the next step we take in life.

Hi Stargazers! 🌃🔭🤩

Sunday starts off on the quantum seed level for the month of September! Have a good consciousness as it will determine the outcome for the entire month!

There are so very interesting alignments in the cosmos this week.

The Sun, Mars, and Mercury are joining forces in Virgo to give us the will, energy, and intellect to bring things into a state of union! This means we are asked to bring opposites into one pot and make it work! What could this look like? Well, you might be with people who are very different than you. Or you might be asked to combine ingredients in an unconventional way. The task is to find the solution and make it work!

Plus, the Moon and Venus are in Virgo creating a stellium of Hermit archetypal energy! It’s a good time to retreat within and see what we need to clear out before the Autumn Equinox. Why?  We are being asked to assimilate our experiences through organization so that we can be successful in the next step we take in life.

The chart of the week lacks fire and water which means we need to balance out these elements by safely incorporating them into our daily lives. For fire, initiate things and cultivate passion. For water, be open to new situations and cultivate reciprocity. Together, that can create com-passion. Keep an eye on your temperature and don’t hold it longer than you must when you have to pee! It’s time to detox!

There are once again, a million planets in the 4th house, which is manifesting a lot of energy into family, emotions, and genetics. It’s time to let go of familiar situations and heal those genes! The number 1 exercise for the solar month of Virgo is ATONEMENT! Please check out my Level 1 Atonement practice and make it apart of your daily routine. Aurelia and I also offer an advanced, and a personalized life-changing program called DASH® Atonements which is exclusive to our Life Coaching with The Xander’s program.

An opportunity from someone who loves you and perhaps the past will re-present itself this week. It’s time to close that completion by either taking it or really rejecting it. I wouldn’t advise dragging it along anymore. Be wise about how you use your energy this week too. The Hermit might look old to some people, but he is really young. You can tell because he doesn’t act like an old person. How do old people act you ask? Well, sometimes they no longer have the energy to suppress all their emotions anymore and all the filters are lifted!

You could call it honesty, but it can be quite brutal because it’s not always uplifting. Try to find the humor in it, even if it’s not really that funny.

Virgo will also call us to take care of our small intestine and ability to assimilate and eliminate food, amongst other things. Parasites and other energies can get stuck in the small intestine and, when left unprocessed, can affect our energy, skin, and ability to move forward.

If you’re a Virgo, your solar return (your birthday is coming up) so book in an appointment with me to see what your next journey around the sun has in store for you!

The chart for this week retains the energy from last week, which is a lot of mutable earth energy, which will motivate us to be talked about and noticed by others. It’s almost like we want to be famous and recognized for our work. The truth is that being great is its own reward. We don’t need people to give us a star for a job well done! We should aspire to all things, big and small, in a great way! Recognition says everything about the observer, not the doer! We need to invoke the power of humility so that we can be a perfect servant of the universe! So watch what you eat and be mindful of how you use the energy you get from your food.

The downfalls of the week will be conforming under social pressure to be popular and a cautious attitude bordering on low-confidence. The gifts of the week are the ability to approach reality as something to be transcended, strong self-evaluation and finding and serving your mission.

As we are in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Information gives us the ability to know everything about anything! The only caveat is that it isn’t “for free”. Meaning, that in order to really receive information and integrate it, we need to pay for it. This is how we create a vessel, otherwise, it remains intellectual, an accessory to the mind.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to receive it on a deeper level and support my work, consider a donation.

Have a wonderful week and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Weekly Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Sunday starts off on the quantum seed level for the month of September! Have a good consciousness as it will determine the outcome for the entire month!
  2. Monday: The Moon is in Libra asking us to find inner balance. Let go of seeking justice and build upon understanding your own karmic part!
  3. Tuesday: Mars is aligned with the Sun. Let’s be energetic and get into bringing things into a perfect completion now!
  4. Wednesday: Mercury is getting its facts for a higher source today. Let’s all tap into something higher and allow our mind to be open to helpful insights of a spiritual nature. Solutions abound!
  5. Thursday: Jupiter is asking us to work hard for the good life! Just be careful who you step on along the way! Look in both directions before you cross!
  6. Friday: Be honest about what you want and go for it. There is an abundance of wealth and happiness awaiting you as long as you listen to the messages (and birds!)
  7. Saturday: If you want opportunities to find you, you need to become lovely. Love will bring you into union with whatever you’re seeking. The only thing is that love is more than animal appetite and good feelings!


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