Weekly Astrology: Oct. 23-29 2022…

Weekly Astrology: Oct. 23-29 2022


Hi Stargazers!

Get ready for a major cosmic shift into Scorpio Season! At the beginning of the week, the Sun and Venus ingress into deep and passionate Scorpio. On one hand, this can bring relief from the critical degrees they occupied in Libra, and on the other hand, we are diving deep into the world of control, magic, and transformation.

The karmic nodes are already in the Scorpio/Taurus axis, so this will be an interesting month ahead! We should all proceed fearlessly – unafraid of repeating the past, as this fear will delay forward motion. We shouldn’t be afraid that things are getting worse, but remember that no matter what: we are moving forward.

Saturn will station direction motion in Aquarius this week. It’s now time to think ahead and plan things in an innovative and out-of-the-box way. We are pushed to see things in a new way now – we won’t get away with thinking with the same old patterns and processes.

Throughout Scorpio Season, we need to revisit our fears so that we don’t fall into disunity. We need to unite and transform so that we can be successful in anything we do. Boundaries are important for anyone who is codependent, but we need to remember that in order for anything to be successful, we need to be in a state of unity. See where Scorpio rules in your life for free →

There are many gifts and blessings that come to us during the magical and transformational season of Scorpio. This is an intense month of change when we will want to align with our spiritual nature in order to spiral upward, rather than spiral downward. This is truly the season when we can build a beautiful reality and bring an end to any self-destructive habits and cold bitterness so that we can live a life of magic and happiness.

Shortly after the Sun slides into Scorpio, we will be faced with an eclipse in Scorpio! During a New Moon Eclipse, those who chronically project their negativity have the upper hand, unfortunately. It will be a difficult time for those who have or are trying to have a spiritual baseline and take responsibility. Extra effort will need to be put into defying gravity, elevating others, and bringing light into our reality. The hack is to be tolerant and fight for what you believe in because the projectors will have a boost of energy to project blame and feel sorry for themselves and try to drag everyone down with them. Stay strong stargazers!

Create something exceptional stargazers!


  1. Sunday: Major shifts into the deep today. It’s time to build with a new vision and new ideas. Don’t procrastinate.
  2. Monday: If you’re not sure about anything, just wait a day or two.
  3. Tuesday: Solar Eclipse! Remain tolerant and don’t get sucked into any negativity. Time to plant new seeds of positivity within darkness. Think of a lotus!
  4. Wednesday: Intense focus and discussion can open new solutions and building blocks for success and longevity today.
  5. Thursday: Develop inner courage and strength of character for when the time comes, you’ll need it.
  6. Friday: Jupiter takes a dip back into Pisces for a minute. Pay attention to your dreams and figure out a way to use your emotions in a fortunate way.
  7. Saturday: Think ahead and plan things in an innovative and out-of-the-box way.


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