Weekly Astrology: June 12-18 + Super Strawberry Moon…

Weekly Astrology: June 12-18 + Super Strawberry Moon

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading.

“As we let go of negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, or frustration, a surge of energy is released as well as the associated bank of thoughts.
– @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • Venus conjunct Uranus
  • Mercury enters Gemini
  • Super Strawberry Moon
  • Sun trine Saturn
  • Sun square Neptune
  • Venus square Saturn

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is expressing compassion.

⁂ The challenge this week is submission to negativity.

⁂ The hack of the week is the Full Moon Workshop.

The week opens up with a powerful conjunction between Uranus and Venus. These two planets will create a lot of unpredictable happenings. Creativity is in the air so make sure you direct it positively. Just know that things will not go the way you expect them to, which will be a great thing actually.

This coming Tuesday, we will experience the June Full Moon, also known as the Strawberry Moon. This will bring all that we have worked on since the New Moon on May 30, 2022, into fruition. This could be an improved ability to communicate our love or a refined sense of choice. Either way, this Super Strawberry Moon is especially fruitful because it will be occurring while the moon is very close to earth. It will be 222 miles away, making it a special Super Strawberry Moon of 2022!

This can make the moon larger and brighter than any other full moon. In astronomy, this type of occurrence is also known as a perigee-syzygy. It is almost like the moon is coming close to illuminate any emotions or feelings that we have suppressed so that we can release them to experience greater happiness. Specifically regarding our hidden agendas in life!

This perigee will effect our earth’s tides as well as the ebb and flow of our emotions. Just as perigee full moons bring the highest and lowest tides of the year (aka perigean tides), our deeply submerged emotions will shore up onto the land of our conscious mind to be dried up and evolve into useable energy. In fact, this is a very “green” process of reusing and reincarnating energy that is being released and reassigned. As we let go of negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, or frustration, a surge of energy is released as well as the associated bank of thoughts.

In other words, because the moon will be so big, so bright, and so brilliant – there is no chance to hide that which we deny. The mechanism of expression will be so active, that our emotions will naturally seek a way to be released. If we resist the mature function of letting go, we may act out these emotions in less desirable ways. If we are prepared for this enlightening lunation we may come into a greater understanding of expressing our love and refine our sense of choice and self. Like any release, the emotional symptoms we experience are temporary and pass quickly if we do not grasp onto them and make them “mine”.

This Super Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius is going to confront us with any hidden agendas we just don’t want to let go of. These include expectations and entitlements. We will be tested and challenged to grow out of childish expectations and have the chance to develop mature expectations grounded in intelligence and work.

When we fail to express, we tend to expect, after a while, our expectations become entitlements. We take account of that which we and others “deserve”. This includes punishment and getting something for being “special”. Entitlement often triggers resentment in others and serves as one of the greatest blocks to accomplishment since it is a type of laziness and arrogance. With entitlement, we deny humility and protect the ego from the vulnerability of pride.

As a species, we are very experienced and preoccupied with dealing with the outer world to the point that we fail to utilize and embrace the inner world. Because of this, we are at times left lost, confused, and plagued with inner negative emotions and their outer manifestations. A way to decipher our inner matrix of conflict is to use the astrological system of timely events such as the Full Moon Workshop.


Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Deliver deep intensity with lighthearted words.
  2. Monday: Be nice to others today, you’ll need to go the extra mile.
  3. Tuesday: The Super Strawberry Full Moon to release disappointment and expectations is online!
  4. Wednesday: Communicate your productive thoughts only.
  5. Thursday: Find a new exercise routine. Check out Vessel Building.
  6. Friday: Ground your love for life in a sensual experience.
  7. Saturday: Remember how you have lost so that you can win.


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