Weekly Astrology: Jan. 15-21, 2023…

Weekly Astrology: Jan. 15-21, 2023

Hi Stargazers,

⭑ Venus square Uranus
⭑ Mercury goes Direct
⭑ Sun enters Aquarius
⭑ Read all the important transits and daily horoscopes for this week at the bottom of this forecast.

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is accountability for investments we’ve made.
⁂ The challenge this week is apathy and blame.
⁂ The hack of the week is cultivating an appreciation for the ability to ask for help.
Things are moving forward now that Mars has gone direct in Gemini. Even though we may take a few days to get into gear, especially where Mars is transiting in your chart (to get an idea, it’s a good idea to have your chart read) so that you can work your way through things. Mars is also responsible for breaking down whatever is habitually blocking you, so we can expect detoxification, abrupt shifts of mental activity, and movement within relationships (since the planet is in Gemini). Mars direct will now confront and go to war with, any suppressed negative thought forms so that we can release them. There are times in the cosmos when we need to stop suppressing and releasing these negative forms, over the next six or seven weeks, we are called to atone for them and do just that.

Speaking of Gemini, its planetary ruler, Mercury will go direct this week on January, 18th right before we enter Aquarius Season! Things will begin to lighten up and become more clear at the end of the week. But it may get really heavy until we get there.

The stars this week are reminding us to remember all things Capricorn Season before we enter into the month of Aquarius. Capricorn is an earth sign and has a direct influence on the material. Many of the blessings in our life come in disguise, hidden from our perspective – but the blessings are still there. One way we can see these blessings is by purifying our filters so that we can see things without our blinding opinions, judgments, and limited perspectives. Sometimes, we need to cleanse the source of the problem in order to truly make a change.

This is an integral part of the spiritual path – to integrate the spiritual lifestyle into every action rather than making it a part of our lives. Spirituality isn’t another adornment, it’s actually a battlefield and a way for us to understand and move through the world with meaning and purpose. So you need to ask yourself, what are you fighting for? Capricorn, at times, gets fixated on the material and makes it the authority, we have the power and ability to remember, that we are the authority of the material – or we can purify through detoxification or purification.

We will be offering an Aquarius Season Workshop, available later this week. The Aquarius Season Workshop is for all signs of the Zodiac. Even if you are not an Aquarius, everyone has Aquarius within them influencing one of twelve areas of your life (which you can learn about by using our chart calculator). Once a year, wherever Aquarius influences your life will be activated, triggering the same themes you may experience year after year. This workshop helps you to make changes and use the unique energy available in a new and innovative way!

It’s also the Zodiac sign for purification, wishes, and the collective at large! Step into, and sustain the energy available with ease, by accessing the Aquarius Season Workshop.

1. Sunday: Don’t ignore or exaggerate the signs.
2. Monday: We can rise above anything, at any time, in any place. People have done it throughout history without fail.
3. Tuesday: If we learn our lessons proactively, we increase the chances of preventing disaster.
4. Wednesday: Stubbornness can bring pain and prevent essential growth.
5. Thursday: Try to share with someone it’s usually hard to share with today.
6. Friday: Oversharing is not honesty.
7. Saturday: When we want to level up, we have to release the dead weight of negative thought forms, and stop suppressing them.


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