Weekly Astrology For Jan. 2-8, 2022…

Weekly Astrology For Jan. 2-8, 2022

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading.

“Suffering comes on many levels, and until we accept that the world of illusion exists, we will forever be blind to the causes of our suffering and the ability to transcend it.” -Excerpt From Zodiac Hacks by @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

Mercury enters Aquarius

New Moon in Capricorn 12 degrees

Read all the important transits and daily horoscopes for this week at the bottom of this forecast.

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is organizing all the details and making things simple.

⁂ The hack of the week is not getting lost in the details.

⁂ The challenge this week is overcoming harsh or careless decisions.

The new year, and the week, began right within the new moon window. This is unfolding the opportunity to become the true visionary of your life throughout the year.

There are many planets in Capricorn this week. We can expect the heavy energy to increase as we proceed throughout the season. However, this also asks us to focus on manifesting our dreams, hopes, and visions. Especially as Jupiter, the planet of growth has just entered Pisces, this is the time to really bring our dreams into reality. What could possibly be the challenge with that? Well, sometimes we don’t know exactly how to do it or we get distracted with perfection or entertainment. Capricorn loves to throw us for one to keep us from staying focused within the material and spiritual world. Both worlds can give render obstacles and delays.

Obviously, a material obstacle is something that we can all see and agree on. A spiritual obstacle on the other hand could be insecurity, anger, or spiritual blindness (how could we work on something if we don’t ever see it).

So how can we overcome the obstacles that we cannot see or tackle? And, where do they come from? These are questions left for another article or class. However, this week, we are called to face our fears. As stated in Zodiac Hacks the book, Capricorn shows us the darkest areas that we need to dive into in order to bring light. This week, we will prepare ourselves to move out of our spiritual blindness and approach challenges with fearlessness.

The task is to be fearless first, not after. In fact, the doors to new realities will not open until we have found them in the light of fearlessness. Think of a UV light that will reveal things our eyes cannot see. Being fearless does exactly the same in that we see more, we see the doors that we are supposed to open and walkthrough. That’s what we do when we meditate with the new moon archetypes. We access doors that are not otherwise available.

Most of the, historically speaking, we layer on filters that eventually shape perceptions of limitation. Our negative actions create angels of chaos that come back and limit us when we begin to see. This process of expansion and contraction is interrupted during winter as we are granted the boost of detox within the spiritual world. When we can face our fears and the angels of chaos we have created, we can face anything with fearlessness. In doing so, we team up with the positive angels who are always there, waiting to be employed. But, this week, as we venture through Capricorn, we must remember that we need to be fearless first, not after we have confronted a challenge.

Tap into the new year and the new moon workshop here.

As mercury enters Aquarius this week, we are asked to think for ourselves and not into what collective mindset may be unoriginal and contaminated with fear. Know that your thoughts may not be your own.

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Today is the New Moon in Capricorn. Right on the New Year. This is a time to figure out where you want to go and make a plan to get there.
  2. Monday: We are asked to think for ourselves and not into what collective mindset may be unoriginal and contaminated with fear. Know that your thoughts may not be your own.
  3. Tuesday: Thoughts are emotions are suggesting regret now. Remember that guilt is a useless emotion that if you need to change something, now (not then) is the time to do it.
  4. Wednesday: A new perspective may rock your boat today. Be open-minded but not a pushover.
  5. Thursday: Pushing forward without checking in with what your heart wants may be counterproductive. Just feel it out first.
  6. Friday: Design your life like it’s a piece of art.
  7. Saturday: Emotions can mess with reality. Be fearless no matter what.


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