Weekly Astrology For All Signs Jan. 16-22, 2022…

Weekly Astrology For All Signs Jan. 16-22, 2022

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading.

“We need to use the tools and technology at our disposal in order to upgrade into our potential.” -@realZodiacHacks

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • Sun combusts Pluto
  • Full Moon of healing
  • Uranus goes direct
  • Aquarius Season Begins
  • Read all the important transits and daily horoscopes for this week at the bottom of this forecast.

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is giving you a push towards the next step on your spiritual journey.

⁂ The challenge this week is reactively grasping onto control when faced with letting go.

⁂ The hack of the week is raising awareness about how our actions affect others.

This week is all about finding balance within opposing forces. We will find many solutions by looking from the other point of view. This could bring harmony and unity where there was strife and discord.

On Sunday, the Sun will combust the planet, Pluto. Combustion is the power of fire. It’s an exciting power of either consuming or devouring energy. In Zodiac Hacks astrology, combustion happens when a planet gets too close to the Sun. The rays and heat of the Sun are just too much for the other planet. When the Sun combusts Pluto, we can expect a surge of judgemental energy channeling through egos within your reality. There could be a lack of energy that supports upgrade and we can expect to be working with an older operating system – or – digging through archives to find it! Keep reading.

We’ve been blessed with new technology, but we are stuck in the past. It’s like we are looking for the typewriter to write a blog. You could write it, but how would you publish it without transferring it to a computer first? In order to complete the metaphorical task, we need to be counterproductive and expense ourselves. There is a technology that has been invented to improve and successfully execute the metaphorical task at hand.

The message with this Sun/Pluto combustion is that we need to use the tools and technology at our disposal in order to upgrade into our potential.

The Nodes will shift this week.

The Lunar Nodes are shifting this week, which will have a major impact on the direction we take as a collective. On January 18, 2022, the nodes will shift into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This happens only every 18 months, so it’s big. With the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio, we will be challenged to make difficult corrections. This is like a hardcore rap song blasting out into the universe: vulgar, blunt, intimidating, makes you move, and unexpectedly cathartic. With this placement, we are asked to overcome self-destructive tendencies that have come about by some injustice or violence. The emotions and memories we may feel as a collective are real, but we cannot be run by them or we will end up hurting others and eventually ourselves. In order to prevent repeating the past, we need to use our instincts to push forward into peace and tolerance. This is also a good time to tap into healthy sexuality and the divine love that transforms lower vibrations into higher ones.

On July 31, 2022, the North Node (represents where we are going) will align with Uranus triggering secret movements in the crypto world. We can prepare for the rollout of CBCDs: Central Bank Digital Currency (digital currency issued by a central bank) or at least the mainstream acceptance of it.

The universe schedules three luminaries events every month: the New Moon, the Full Moon, and the Solar Ingression. Two tools we have at our dispense this week are the Full Moon of Healing and the Solar Ingression into Aquarius Season.

The Full Moon gives us the power to hack the zodiac during 48 hours and the Solar Ingression supplies us with all the extra light to invest blessings into our reality. When two out of three events occur within a two-day period (as they do this week), it’s obvious that the universe is supporting us with extra energy. Bestowing us with the fuel we need to receive the blessings that are coming. It’s like getting an extra battery pack on a long journey.

Be sure to register for the Full Moon of Healing, which will focus on healing jealousy and obstacles, and the Aquarius Season Workshop, which will focus on detoxing hatred and installing self-love, this week.

With Mercury now retrograde in Aquarius, we can expect a lot of situations where we need to remember yesterday’s lessons that have yet to become today’s innovations. What could this look like? Writer’s block: Gone! Creative pathways: Opened! Soulmate connection: strengthened! Career promotions: granted! Money: received! This is a period of time that asks us to push forward by first backing up to get a running start.

How so? Well, since the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus (who is also the ruler of Aquarius), will go direct this week. Uranus direct brings a bang-and-boom into all institutions and systems. We will be granted an extra boost of energy to connect (or reconnect) with a true spiritual path where we are asked to release resistance, self-importance, greed, ignorance, fear, jealousy, anger, and pride – not because we are “holy” but because we know that when we connect with these qualities, we short-circuit from the spiritual life force which grants us everything wholesome.

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: We need to use the tools and technology at our disposal in order to upgrade to our potential.
  2. Monday: If you don’t really want what you want, then it may go to someone else who does.
  3. Tuesday: The Full Moon of healing will grant you the energy you need to move forward wholesome and complete.
  4. Wednesday: Uranus is direct. Mercury is retrograde. Oscillate into courage and introspection.
  5. Thursday: Aquarius Season Begins. Don’t expect everyone to know what you’re saying. Try it again.
  6. Friday: Before you go for it. Take four breaths.
  7. Saturday: Slow down and remember what you’ve learned before you move forward.


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