Weekly Astrology: Dec. 11-17, 2022…

Weekly Astrology: Dec. 11-17, 2022


Hi Stargazers!

⁂ The cosmic signature of the week is pushing you toward your destiny.

⁂ The challenge this week is laziness and nostalgia.

⁂ The hack of the week is optimism and forward motion.

The stars are challenging us to get into the right mindset this week! There is a finesse we need to master between understanding and willingness to make the extra effort. We can learn this week that when our hearts and mind are in the proper state of consciousness, we are granted the ability to manifest whatever we need instantly!

We can have the material manifestation of the spiritual light of fulfillment! But we just have to make the extra effort within the spiritual realm. Herein lies a huge secret we can learn this week: our spiritual effort brings greater results than our material effort. This isn’t a “new age” notion of “intention” or “wishful thinking” but rather understanding that a spiritual baseline is needed to bring anything worthwhile into this world, whether it’s a relationship, business or a family. It’s vital to have the faith that blessings do not come to us as a result of what we do or don’t do in the material world, but rather that blessings come from the source through our spiritual effort to know, understand and connect with God. Only then are blessings attracted to, downloaded, and hopefully received into our reality.

We can be the most cunning, intelligent person in the room, but without that connection to source, through the seventh chakra, there will be no fulfillment or joy. There will be an absence of greatness and an exhausting strive for perfection. When we become in awe of this process, we unleash our potential and transcend fate.

How? Simple, astrological programs are set into place for those who robotically run through life without meaning or purpose and without a second thought about fate, karma, or cause and effect. Those who do not make any effort to connect with the source and flow of life subject themselves to the effects of nature, programming, and the consequences of time and space. When we transcend fate, make our connections, and set into faith in God, we will download the ability to do anything!

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This Forecast includes all the major transits and happenings during 2023 and should not be missed!


  1. Sunday: Smile and be nice to people, even if you’re in a bad mood.
  2. Monday: Unlimited prosperity awaits you when you’re bold enough to go after it.
  3. Tuesday: People come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime.
  4. Wednesday: Healing through freedom from negative thoughts.
  5. Thursday: Pray to learn your lessons with mercy.
  6. Friday: There is always more spiritual work to do. Let it pull you in new directions.
  7. Saturday: Control your mind and you control the ego!


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