Weekly Astrology: Aug. 7-13, 2022…

Weekly Astrology: Aug. 7-13, 2022

Disclaimer: While the transits and horoscopes indicate the general astrological weather, it is in no way indicating positive or negative influences upon your chart. If you want personalized information, you’ll need to book a reading.

“Gifts are reminders that life should always be lived with presence.” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This week:

  • Venus trine Neptune
  • Venus opposite Pluto
  • Moon conjunct Pluto
  • Sun square Uranus
  • Venus enters Leo
  • Mars sextile Neptune
  • Full Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon conjunct Saturn
  • Read all the important transits and daily horoscopes for this week at the bottom of this forecast.

✦  The cosmic signature of the week is testing what you have learned.

✦  The challenge this week is rash actions without any plan.

✦  The hack of the week is patience and a plan.

There is momentum building up to the full moon at the end of the week. With so many minor transits now, as we are progressing through hot and heavy Leo, we can ride on this energy of love and courage throughout the week.

The radioactive energy we have felt for the past three weeks is now over and things can begin to cool off. What have we learned in the past three weeks? Well, one thing for sure is that no matter what the transits or forecasts say, our study and connection to God is the overriding factor.

What happens is that we get lazy with our spirituality, and we just wait for when it’s easy to work. We say, “oh well I’m signed up and I am meditating so I am good in my spiritual life”. But that’s not enough. The easy times should inspire us to how life can be ALL THE TIME, not just when we are given a gift.

The gifts are reminders that life should always be lived with presence. When we are present, we are living life, in this world as we are supposed to. We can re-render the narrative and attach ourselves to the Tree of Life reality that God intended for us. Not the reality our favorite stations, influencers, and sources are feeding us with.

Of course, we need to be aware, but only to cancel it. We all get sucked in, but don’t be too proud to reach out for help when you need to eject out of a reality you didn’t write. We have enough to clean up with our own fate, there is no need to take on stories that belong to other users.

This full moon, and the week that builds up to it, will help us re-live and re-member who we are so that you can attract soulmates in all areas of your life. When we pray or meditate from a selfish or angry place, it’s not as powerful as when we take the time to invest ourselves into changing for the better and undoing the past – which is what we have available to use now.

If you want to hit undo on some past relationship errors and access a second chance at a better you, check out the full moon online workshop at the end of the week (with 14-day playback). Once you figure out how to connect to the gifts, at all times, you bring heaven on earth and experience wholeness, freedom, and love.

Leo Wellness For All Signs

Leo will ask us to take care of our hearts. “I act from the wisdom in my heart” is what we say when we do the Leo exercise from the Vessel Building App.

Daily Horoscope & Important Transits:

  1. Sunday: Be bold and strong. Lead in the right direction.
  2. Monday: Immune system update in effect. You’ll be stronger than before.
  3. Tuesday: Move forward with your plan in tack. Be flexible, though.
  4. Wednesday: Work with the details and edit out whatever needs slight adjustments.
  5. Thursday: Heart healing requires interdependence. The full moon window opens today.
  6. Friday: Connect with the network of soulmates and remember your lessons. This is the Full Moon of love.
  7. Saturday: As the moon begins to wane, you promise to remember that you’re loved and only the ego says otherwise.

If you need a quick reference to these daily transits, download the Zodiac Hacks 1.0 App on the app store.


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