How To Wear Talisman Jewelry…

How To Wear Talisman Jewelry

The Power of Talismans

Many people wear Evil Eyes, Hamsa’s, Buddha’s and Om signs around their wrists or necks as a decoration, not really understanding the meaning.

But these talisman pieces offer insight to the individual’s spirituality and soul.

As a jewelry designer, I have designed many of these pieces and worn them all- many at the same time.

People have stopped and asked why I wear more than one at a time.

If they were to ever count the talismans on my wrist or hanging from my neck, they see either 3 or a number divisible by three.

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A Deeper Meaning

All of these symbols have meaning to my practices of Reiki and meditation.

But the number 3 is the most significant, and here’s why:

Good Fortune.

The number 3 was taught by the Pythagoreans that it was the first true number. It was the first number that formed one of the first symbols the triangle. Three represents the numbers of time:

  • Past Present Future
  • Birth Life Death
  • Beginning Middle End

And three is the number of the Divine.

(In a visual point of view, as an odd number, eyes tend to see more when looking at an odd number of objects, and even number is flat therefore the eyes do not stop at one particular place).

How to Wear Talismans

When wearing different necklaces, make sure that each one has a different length and a different thickness.

This gives a flow of light to heavy from top to bottom.

Start off with a 16 or 18 inch light chain holding one small charm, then progress to a 22 or 24 inch pieces that offers more depth, beading, or multiple charms to show more dimension and then finally a longer pieces, 30 to 36 inches.

This piece should be the eye catcher, with more beads, stones, a larger pendant, and even a tassel.

If you think about it, at the end it brings you back to the shape of the triangle:

The Divine symbol!

Earth Elements

When wearing multiple layers of jewelry, mix it up.

Don’t worry about staying with the same metals or colors.

Give your look some interest.

Mixing metals, charms, and beads is called mixed-media.

After all, isn’t the earth made of all those different elements mixed together?


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