We Entering The Great Age Of Love And Healing…

We Entering The Great Age Of Love And Healing

Have you noticed that people have become very angry and stanched in their ways of thinking? Personally, I find all of this very interesting… this means we are moving into a new age of love very soon.

What Does All This Mean?

1 – From a spiritual perspective we are ending the great “Iron Age” and we about to go into the “Bronze Age” and we will move away from anger.

2 – The Iron Age is full of greed, ego, hatred, abuse, materialism, and a lack of higher consciousness.

3 – In the Bronze Age we will start to move away from all these negative ways of living and move towards Higher Consciousness. Thus we will end all wars, hatred, scarcity, and lack of cooperation.

4 – We are nearing the end of a long spiritual winter… a spiritual war of light versus dark. And light always overcomes the darkness… it always has and always will.

5 – This will change very soon… and there will be a great awakening for all people that will take place.

6 – Then we will move into an age of healing the planet.

7 – We will work together in order to make life better for all… and turn our consciousness towards healing life.

8 – As we move into this new age Mother Earth will find balanced… and we will no longer have giant storms, volcanoes erupting, and earthquakes.

9 – At the same time many angels, lightworkers, and other angelic beings are now entering this plane to help everyone and usher in a new positive age. That is why more and more people are encountering angelic beings now.

10 – So take heart… things are about to change… be not afraid… all will be well.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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