We Are Always Searching For The Answers; Stop The Cycle…

We Are Always Searching For The Answers; Stop The Cycle

Why is everyone always searching for an answer? Searching for a meaning, forever on a hunt to only miss the timed opportunity. How can you miss an opportunity if you don’t even know what you’re looking for? Then how is it missing in the first place?

I myself have searched through life, only to find that I’m back to square one more confused than when I tried to figure it out. The big picture always comes later. Don’t worry, it’s never meant to be missed. It just isn’t time yet. Have patience, it will come when you need it the most. Remember, it’s not what you need but what you truly want.

When one stops looking then it’s found. If it was never lost in the first place then how could we miss it? We all have the answers inside, and just sometimes things aren’t meant for us to understand. It’s just life. We all get handed some cards in life and whether or not we play that hand through, well that’s a choice. Will of self or as I call it self will.

Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. It’s not about fame and fortune. It’s about wisdom and experience. The mind is a vicious playground. It can be a wonderful place to be in or a very scary one, depending on your outlook. I’m very imaginative so turning clouds into any shape or design is just normal. The mind is very powerful. Never underestimate that what you think is what you will eventually become or live through.

A thought becomes an emotion which in turn could reflect outwards due to the flow of constant energy around us. That in turn becomes either a good reaction or a bad one, depending on if you even react on it. We always have to remember that it’s only a thought! It will surpass just like all other emotions pass. Thinking a feeling or thought through is what will determine the outcome. Seems so easy to say but so hard to do. That’s why impulsive thinking and reacting usually lead to the most challenging times in our lives. Granted some things in life are beyond one’s control. That’s understandable of course. We are focusing on controlled thoughts. Just think before reacting to a thought or emotion. If everyone would think before reacting the world would be a better place.

Ever been on social media and write impulsively? Everyone already thought that it was directed at them or it was confusing etc. Writers just write on topic, and it’s never directed to offend another. I’m thinking and have recently mastered this, if everyone just visualizes an anchor, the thought whether good or bad; accept it, embrace it, anchor it down, and hold it there then breathe and release. Once that technique is practiced and mastered, well then you have a process which entail is a thought process that you are training your mind to know it’s ok to have a thought or a feeling. In fact it’s very normal. Just let it in and then release. Just like meditation or breathing techniques.

We can all be every day Super Hero’s in life. No one is better than another. It’s the choices we make that determine our status quo. Once you get that part well everything else just usually flows naturally. Piece of cake right? Well you just uncovered a part of the icing on the top of the cake at least. There’s an answer right there. You just defied the odds of acquiring the answer to a part of life that some may never grasp. Who knows because remember it’s a choice, self will.

Also, accepting your past without regrets. You can accept the past without swimming in it and chasing ducks and Lilli pads while there. It’s easier to embrace it and allow it to flow in and out. Please don’t stay there and set up camp and fish! The hunt cycle only becomes more vicious and it is mentally exhausting. Do not give into allowing your positive energy to be drained from you to only find that the hunt will always be a step ahead. Go ahead and compare it to the end of a rainbow. It’s not meant to find. Once again, it doesn’t make much sense at all.

If you never knew anything besides your life today, would you know that there’s anything else you’re missing? If that’s the case then you don’t miss anything to even know what to look for or even supply answers to. It just doesn’t make any sense. What are you searching for anyways?

Just be happy that you’re here today reading this. Be grateful and be emotionally present in the moment being the best you that you can be. Once you stop searching for answers then that’s when you get the answers. Life is just that way. Try something different. Don’t run from it. Just embrace what you’re going through and allow opportunities you don’t miss because you can choose. Please don’t spend your whole life looking for something that was never meant to find. Love yourself and live without expectations from yourself or anyone else. Then will you find that your search will be over because what you’re searching for is already there!

By: Diane Marie Smith

Written: February 21, 2020


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