Ways To More Conscious Living…

Ways To More Conscious Living

Lectin Free is the way to be!!

A healthy lifestyle is something every person should strive for. Making decisions about what you eat, how and when you exercise, who you are around in your life, and training your mind to be precise and deliberate are all a part of living a more conscious life. It seems so simple when you stop and think about it, but people have so much going on their lives, that we neglect the two most important things we have, our mind and body. This article will discuss ways to make positive changes to your mind and body and start living a more conscious life.

Beginning the Journey

You might be asking yourself, where do I begin on this journey of a healthier me? A lot of people get bogged down at the very beginning and feel overwhelmed with the whole process. Start off with simple exercising routines to kick up your metabolism and release endorphins in your body that create energy and a clear mind. Just pick five quick workouts to do each day.


Now that you have begun working out it is time to start focusing on your mind. It may sound strange but it is a great self practice to think about your thoughts. Whatever your brain constantly thinks of is what your body will manifest into your reality. With that being said, to become a healthier version of yourself you must train your mind to think positively and about good things so that your mind will make that your reality. Set goals for the process and look at them on a daily basis. Staying focused on what you are trying to accomplish is paramount in your short term victories and ultimately your long term success or a more conscious life.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is very high on the priority list of well balanced life. The things you put into your body are your fuel, so if you are putting bad fuel into your body, then don’t expect the machine (Your Body) to run very well. Research over the past few years has shown that maybe the worst thing that you can put into your body are foods that contain lectins. Lectins are carbohydrate binding proteins found in some nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, and grains as well as some other foods. Recent studies have shown that consuming too many lectins can have a negative impact on your digestive tract. As they travel through the digestive tract, they can actually poke small holes in tract causing toxins to leak out into the rest of the body which can lead to other health problems. If you feel like you are constantly bloated or have trouble with your digestive system, consider a lectin free diet for a time period and see if the issues resolved. Dr. Steven Gundry is leading the way in research and benefits of a non lectin diet.

Surround Yourself With Good People

Last but not least, take a look around and see who you have surrounded yourself with. Are they people with the same ideals and goals as you? Are they people who look at things positively or negatively? Your life can be dramatically affected by who you surround yourself with so be wise with that choice.

Ultimately living a healthier more conscious lifestyle is a choice that each individual has to make on their own. There are many different paths that can be taken to live a healthier life, you as a person have to choose which is best for you. However these areas of your life are what you must act upon to start that journey to a better you. Good luck and hopefully this article has inspired you to go make those needed changes.


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