Vision Board Anyone?

Ever think of doing a vision board? I didn’t. Well, not until about 4 years ago, seemed a bit silly, honestly. Then, I got invited to a Vision board party.

Turns out there is a whole ‘lotta’ good, coming out of a vision board. This isn’t all totally obvious though, but lets get clear, here are some ways in which it can help you.

What do you want? It gives you the chance to actually think about what you want, and then bring that vision to life with an image. We are so busy, we sometimes tend to just get through the day, with no real thought about where we want our life to go. No time spent on goals, short term, long term, any term. You get the chance when you sit down to do a vision board. Where do you want to be 6 months from now, a year from now, do you know? It’s OK if you don’t, but you might want to consider thinking about it.

Clear focus. Once you take the time to figure out what you want, you can focus in on the details, you can find specific images to match your desires. Your thoughts are no longer floating around your beautiful head, they are now an image that you can look at and focus on daily. This creates a defined vision for you, this is a huge step. These pictures will bring joy and excitement to you. Focusing on them consistently actively brings your dreams to life because you’ll be visualizing yourself more and more accomplishing whatever it is, you have set out on the vision board.

Dreaming Bigger than normal. Creating a vision board gives opportunity. You are not going to find a tiny little house to buy, or show your business doing just OK on your vision board. You get the chance to dream without limits, you don’t have to stay within the constraints of today. You put up a grand vision, and that may actually lead you to new places you hadn’t thought of before. There is no reason to not let your dreams run wild here, find everything and anything that fires you up and gets you excited about life.

Motivation. It’s easier to have motivation when you can see your dreams in front of your eyes, you think about them more, you are inspired more. You start to live your life as if those things are coming into play. You should hang your board in a place where you see it often, to keep your dreams alive and present in your mind, that way you can make daily choices to support yourself and your goals.

A better chance of success. A survey by TD bank of 1100 individuals and 500 small business owners found those who created a vision board relating to their goals, had nearly twice the confidence to do so. Also, 82% of the small business owners that used a vision board reported that they accomplished more than half the goals they included on the board. This is significant, think of just having more confidence right off the bat, who doesn’t need that?! Isn’t it incredible that just the act of putting images and phrases of things you desire ups your chances of having and/or accomplishing them? Does this not feel like magic? Did I just say you can do magic, YES, I think I did and I believe it. Abracadabra!

Fun. OK, lets be honest, who doesn’t have a little fun cutting out pictures and gluing them to poster board? Old school craft, coming right up! Maybe that is NOT your thing, you also have the option of going online and finding your images and phrases to match up with your wants and desires and then putting them all onto a word document or photo shop and printing them out. So, you have options but it can fun, relaxing and can be pretty playful.

So, summing it all up, a vision board although it may not seem that impactful, it really has the ability to assist you in finding a clear picture of what you want in your life. It can help you maintain motivation and focus, gives confidence and a daily reminder of who you want to be and how you want to grow. What should you put on your vision board, anything you’d like, loving relationships, healthy body, confidence, vacations, business growth, prosperity, you name it, there is no wrong way to do this.

As for me, I have done a vision board every year since the first one, I even forgot about my vision board one year and still got the loving relationship I am still in today. I am so fortunate to have started this practice and foresee myself doing it for years to come. You’re worth it, try it out and see how your life transforms because visualization is one of the most powerful tools you have access to.


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Amanda Stovall


Greetings ya’ll, my name is Amanda Stovall. I’m from the pacific northwest and my goal in life is to learn,…

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