How to set up yoga games for kids?
Jodi created her own yoga spot by cutting out circles from the actual yoga mat – a different color for each level. I’ve heard of teachers buying yoga mats for as little as five dollars at local discount stores like Five Below. Kids use yoga spots instead of yoga mats. It saves space and doesn’t have to sit on a yoga mat.

She also wrote each child’s name on each yoga spot so she can quickly break up yoga spots before the kids get to class. She can decide which children are best next to each other and others who might benefit from being further apart. As part of this process, Jodi says it is extremely important to do their best in 15 minutes together, and that they can practice yoga properly and limit the set-up time.

1. One-legged balance:
Begin with a beginner’s movement, keeping a stable chair or wall within reach. Raise one foot with one knee forward or sideways with one foot. Take a position with his eyes open and closed Alternate feet and repeat four times on each foot.

If any move makes you feel guilty or unsafe, stop and check with a trainer. Some physical activity may not be recommended depending on your health and physical condition.

2. Leg swing:
Stand on your right leg and lift your left leg three to six inches off the floor. With arms at your sides, swing your left leg forward and back, touching the floor for balance while keeping your torso upright. Now repeat the movement But do not let your feet touch the ground And finally, swing your left foot to the left side with your right arm out. Switch legs and repeat.

3. One-legged watch with arm:
Balance on one leg with your torso straight, head up, and hands-on your hips. Imagine the clock and point your arm straight over your head at 12, then to the third side, then the low circle, and the ninth round without losing balance.

Increase the challenge by having your partner call you at different times.


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