Welcome to this Yoga for Beginners Class! If this is your first class with me, I’m Erin 🙂 If this is your first yoga class ever, don’t worry– this is a great, accessible sequence for anyone just starting out.

Don’t get discouraged if any of this feels a little awkward at times! It’s new & your practice will evolve & improve as you get to know your body a bit better.

Remove the pressure & expectation & try to enjoy the process. We’ll be doing a bit of everything today, but it won’t be overly challenging. We’re going to practice listening to our bodies & getting used to some of the more frequently seen poses in yoga.

Enjoy this Yoga for beginners!


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I’m the co-Founder of Bad Yogi & voice of real yogis everywhere. I’m a wine drinker, cheese eater, and not...


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