Start your day off well with this guided morning meditation 😊Meditation can be such a powerful tool first thing in the morning to ground yourself and stay more calm throughout the day. Listen to this one to start visualizing the day ahead and set an intention for your day.

There are undeniable benefits of a short morning meditation because mornings tend to be a little more quiet verses afternoons where our to-do lists usually change and start taking over the day. What’s important to remember is that incorporating meditation into your morning is a practice, and 5-10 minutes is all you really need! It’s all about quality and consistency. You do not need an hour every day to enjoy the benefits! ☀️

Beginning your day in a calm state can help you be less bothered by the small frustrations in life (reducing overall stress and anxiety). And being in control in this way can help you become more compassionate and proactive, rather than reactive.

Enjoy! 🧡

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Thank you for watching, ✨Heather

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