Allow your mind to dissolve, to settle and melt into the sensations of your heart. Then tune in to the vibrancy you are building in your heart. Let your inhalation become longer than your exhalation, as the inhalation has the quality of bouncy, and lively. Its not about controlling your heart, its about being present and listening, being open and aware.
Kapittha Mudra….there are a lot of variations of that particular Mudra. This strong Mudra of the heart can support and help relationships – both with yourself and with others.

Here is the one I practiced!

• Can increase connectivity Form a fist
• Draw your thumb between your index finger and middle finger
• For use in meditation, sit with both hands in this mudra or bring your left fist to your heart and your right to your pelvis

Benefits of this mudra:
• Opens the connection between the pelvis and the heart
• Explores the pulse of blood flow between the heart and pelvis and gains awareness and understanding of its connection
• and understanding between partners

Lotus Mudra

Beautiful and sacred, the lotus flower Mudra symbolizes purity to open the heart center.

Benefits of this Mudra:
• Grounds yet also uplifts
• Helps to maintain an open heart to all that life brings
• Keeps an essence of purity while opening the Heart Chakra
• Helps to combat feelings of inadequacy, isolation, sadness, and loneliness


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Born in Switzerland, Sonja was introduced to yoga nearly 42 years ago on a visit to England. Inspired, she found...


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